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10/17/16 Notes 02

“Where’d the bookshelf come from, Furry Karl?”


“Like you don’t know,” Karl responded, off script again and improvising/reacting. He checks something under the bar, then. “Ahem, getting back on script — says here that it will be used to block the portal. You see that Climbing Light trying to get in? Well, there’s more where he comes from.” He’s now saying/reading all this rather robotically, by the way, attempting to improvise sarcasm, which is also not indicated in the script.

“Hmmm,” says Baker Bloch. “I didn’t even see that thing when entering the bar. How ’bout you Blinks?”

“Me neither,” Baker Blinker lies.

“Ne meither,” Little Climbing Light’s brother<sister Curled Papers also lies from the other end of the bar. His light is now on. He's alive. Baker Bloch cannot turn toward Curled Paper to his side and Baker Blinker has to do it for him.


“You see,” says Karl without sarcasm now. “Backwards. It’s all backwards Baker Bloch. And Baker Blinker. The whole town has turned around into itself. Like a broken bottle, er, record, er…”

“Mobius strip,” adds Baker Blinker, trying to seem smart. She *is* very smart, but she doesn’t feel like she appears so sometimes. It’s the whole wrestling confederation scenario and its more physical nature. She wants to trump up the brains aspect of it all. She wishes to exercise the grey matter. She might even wish to become grey.

“I’m thinking of changing my color, Baker Bloch,” she pipes up. “I’m going to figure out what Karl is talking about. I’m going to become grey.”

“Okay,” he says. “Do you want me to change with you?”


5 minutes later.

“Well,” says Karl between them now. “Are you going to answer her?”


“What’s happening to you guys?”


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10/17/16 Notes 01

Collagesity now has at least 24 separate structures, with only one obviously filler (1 prim Lafayette Grocery and Dairy on the north side). Character development will drive future structure development and visa versa.


Baker Bloch could be enscounced in the Norum Gallery attic once more. He takes in his nice view.


Where you sleep is where you are.


Karoz still rents his upstairs apt. above the Bodega market. At first he complained about having to access it through the new SoSo Mall, but now he’s okay with the idea. Baker Blinker is still down at Gloomy Gus. I decided that Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker should chat inworld.



“Blinks, how’s it going. Do you have some time tonight to meet me somewhere and talk?”


“Well, I’m pretty busy with my World of Lemon journal, but what the heck. If that’s what our user wants I suppose I have to comply.”

“You don’t have to,” Baker Bloch responds. “I believe baker b. wants us to become more independent of him. That’s what Karoz says. What’s he told you?”

“You mean Karoz or baker b.?” She shares a small smile with Baker Bloch, then continues more seriously. “Yes, Karoz has changed. We all have. Well…”

“Not me,” Baker Bloch finishes for her.

“No, but that’s good. You are a stable point. Hucka Doobie in a smaller way. But we’ve all changed in our own ways. You — not as much your looks as just in building the town and keeping it clean and tidy. You are the custodian. And doing a wonderful job.”

“Thanks. I am baker b. more than all others.”

“Kind of,” Baker Blinker responds.

“Let’s meet at Rhoda’s. Is that okay? — it’s about halfway between us.”

“Alright,” Baker Blinker replies. “See you in just a minute.”


On the way over, Baker Blinker then senses someone in the woods.


She checks remotely using the inworld map as a guide. No avatar there. “Ghosts,” she mutters.

She changes her face to the one Baker Bloch is most familiar with. She doesn’t want him to feel more out of place or uncomfortable than he already is.

She also removes her right left earring. She’s married now! she remembers. Good ol’ Karoz. Always trying so hard, always plugg’n away at this and that idea. TILE is next, she understands. But she kind of has her own religion now. The two will clash, she realizes. Are clashing.


She gets the heck out of haunted Rubi.


“Good morning, Jim. Nice day. Well, it’s always a nice day on *this* side of town.” Jim doesn’t respond. Baker Blinker wonders the same thing that Baker Bloch did earlier. Why some flatties alive? she thinks. Why some not? And then one condition can change into another. Like Furry Karl. Good ol’ Furry Karl. Back fully animated and alive now. He’s a stable point too.


Now beside the Orange Bar, Baker Blinker sees Baker Bloch approaching from the other direction on Old Cannon Road. “After you fine lady,” he says to her.


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