10/17/16 Notes 02

“Where’d the bookshelf come from, Furry Karl?”


“Like you don’t know,” Karl responded, off script again and improvising/reacting. He checks something under the bar, then. “Ahem, getting back on script — says here that it will be used to block the portal. You see that Climbing Light trying to get in? Well, there’s more where he comes from.” He’s now saying/reading all this rather robotically, by the way, attempting to improvise sarcasm, which is also not indicated in the script.

“Hmmm,” says Baker Bloch. “I didn’t even see that thing when entering the bar. How ’bout you Blinks?”

“Me neither,” Baker Blinker lies.

“Ne meither,” Little Climbing Light’s brother<sister Curled Papers also lies from the other end of the bar. His light is now on. He's alive. Baker Bloch cannot turn toward Curled Paper to his side and Baker Blinker has to do it for him.


“You see,” says Karl without sarcasm now. “Backwards. It’s all backwards Baker Bloch. And Baker Blinker. The whole town has turned around into itself. Like a broken bottle, er, record, er…”

“Mobius strip,” adds Baker Blinker, trying to seem smart. She *is* very smart, but she doesn’t feel like she appears so sometimes. It’s the whole wrestling confederation scenario and its more physical nature. She wants to trump up the brains aspect of it all. She wishes to exercise the grey matter. She might even wish to become grey.

“I’m thinking of changing my color, Baker Bloch,” she pipes up. “I’m going to figure out what Karl is talking about. I’m going to become grey.”

“Okay,” he says. “Do you want me to change with you?”


5 minutes later.

“Well,” says Karl between them now. “Are you going to answer her?”


“What’s happening to you guys?”


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