Now that all the Halloween mayhem is over, Baker Bloch thinks it’s time to refocus on the woods. True, Wheeler kind of controls the whole town now, but *he* owns most of the objects, and she cannot manipulate him the particular manner she can others. He’ll always remain above the fray in that way. However, it’s damage assessment time for sure. He better head over to Carrcassonnee’s.

Baker Blinker was already there.




Good, we can start. Let me just check the roll. Spider? (pause) Spider?

Baker Bloch:

He’s here Carrcassonnee. He’s just in a position where you can’t see him as well, I guess.


Good. Then there’s you Baker Bloch, since you’re talking. I assume you’re here. And you’re not Wilson.




And you’re sure about that.


Positive. And then there’s Baker Blinker right in front of you. And that’s it.


Baker Blinker, are you here?


Yes. But barely. (She glances at Baker Bloch)


Good. And I know you’re not Wilson as well. And you’re not Wheeler. Are you?

(Baker Blinker doesn’t even answer this. A tension fills the air.)


Well, let’s have it. How are the others? Hucka Doobie is alive?


Go ahead, Baker Bloch. Tell him.


Yes. But he won’t be using that classic avatar body for a while. And he sprained his ankle. And he probably won’t be able to gather pollen for several weeks. But it’s almost winter anyway. Gathering time is basically over. So, all in all, he came out of it remarkably well for the beating he suffered.


We’re sure Wheeler did this. I heard she changed several times during the commotion.


Well, she was Wheeler when it started and Wheeler when it ended, so I assume the middle part was Wheeler as well. She just…



BBlinker (finishing; voice still sharp):

She was a bee as well.


How did that work? Fill me in on the details.


It was a power move. She wanted to rub everything in our face. What we are, what we do. But speaking from a higher ground, the bee part was just accidental. It fit into the story we’re telling here well. There was a slot. Round peg in a round hole situation.


And so what of Karoz?


I’ll take over in talking about that little bastard boy. Karoz has a sprained neck. He’s lucky to have a head. Wheeler could have easily snapped it off at one point.

BBloch (turning to BBlinker):

*But*, it could have been the other way as well.


I’m confused. I don’t like to be confused. What are you Bakers’ on about? Who won the fight? Wheeler? I understood that Wheeler won the fight. Did she? Doesn’t she control the town now because of it? I need to know. I need to start packing if necessary. I’ll have to buy a special piece of luggage for my eye. I have difficulty taking it through customs. Nautilus might be a destination. Hucka Doobie and I talked about it before the party. Place called Black Rock — he *assured* me I would be safe there and that we could start Collagesity over at that location if needed. Black Rock — ever heard of it?


Whoa Carrcassonnee. Slow down there. One at a time. Let’s see. About the fight, Karoz did indeed lose. He was ahead early but Baker Blinker and I think that Wheeler could have been toying with him all along. We’re not sure[ however]. At a certain point, it *seemed* that Karoz could injur Wheeler’s neck if needed (to end the fight), but then, quick as a wink, Wheeler took the advantage and pinned *Karoz’s* head. Just like that (he snaps his fingers here). Bizarrest thing: instant swappers. Baker Blinker had left by then.

BBlinker (tersely):

I left after 10 minutes. When I realized that the agreement (between Wheeler and herself) had most certainly been broken.


This involved a metal heart I heard. 3 hearts. Hucka Doobie says Black Rock has 3 hearts, hmmm.


Yes. 3 hearts. (she blew out air) It was meant… to set us apart.

[delete 1 exchange]

Carr. (offering):

Like the sneetches? Let’s go back to them. Stars for the sneetches. No stars for the others. (pause) Okay, it’s like Baker Bloch’s bird that set him apart from Wilson. *Use* to. There’s no telling who is who now.


Let’s move on please. Baker Blinker is still obvious quite upset, Carrcassonnee. She needs to get back to her journal. So to wrap it up for now, Karoz lost to Wheeler and now Wheeler controls the town. This negates *everything* Baker Blinker *won* during the previous match (with Wheeler). So everything has been reversed.

BBlinker (crying now):

He could have been killed. He’s lucky he didn’t get killed. And I’m not sure how it *didn’t* happen.

BBloch (taking over again):

We don’t know what Wheeler will do with the town but it’s hers now. I assume she’ll tell us in her own good time.


So I have no protection at all.


All I can do for you, Carrcassonnee, is to assure you, through my user, that we’re going to try everything we can to make sure you’re in a position of power still.


Advisory? I don’t work well as an advisor. The eye is the important thing. Is *Wheeler* the eye now?

They didn’t have an answer.

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