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Sharpening Collagesity Limits, Functions

Rough Collagesity town limits:


Collagesity from SW…


… NW…


… NE…


… and SE.


Official town galleries (high-res photo):


Other structures (high-res photo):


As of this writing, there are also a couple of new walkways in town that I can mention here.

Below: Sidewalk to Temple of TILE, and also a sign now for the temple. Still working on innards, but progess is being made.


Steps to North High-Rise.


Sidewalk is aligned with what I’m calling the Alignment Pillar across Robin Lane from the temple…


… which is also aligned with North Road.


New, elevated walkway connecting Old Cannon Road (top) with unnamed small open area (bottom) surrounded by Carrcassonee’s Gazebo, Castle Jack, Starbuccaneers, Space Ghost’s Bar, Beezy’s Tatoos, House of Truth, Town Hall, and SoSo South.*


In the same style — and as mentioned previously — a bridge now spans Danger Pool (upper right), leading to the projected Town Hall directly beneath SoSo South.


Debating whether to call this “Small Green”, to contrast with, let’s say, “Large Green” in the center of all the art galleries and at the southern terminus of North Road. SoSo Mall (left in 1st photo, right in 2nd) lies between the two.

Small Green (West Green?).

Large Green (East Green?).

Central Stream & Confluence Pool; Small Green seen in background. Say cheese Baker Blinker!


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Neighbors 02

Like Real Life’s Tower of Pisa, Clarity’s lighthouse in the southeast corner of her property stands at a significant angle.


The rezzer for the lighthouse even remains inside. My educated guess, given all the information at hand, is that Ms. Dagostino bought this Minoa property, hung out for a while and rezzed a couple of houses and other objects, then became bored with it and perhaps with Second Life as a whole, but didn’t rescind her tier payment for some reason. The property has probably been sitting idle here going on almost a decade now. So we can say the lighthouse and attached land is about as much a part of (the over 2 year old) Collagesity as anything else. Absorption by osmosis, I guess.


View from the top of the lighthouse into Collagesity.


Some smaller parcels of non-abandoned land lie to the south of Collagesity, like this 512 serving as an backup post for Hot Silly Peppers Lab, apparently the creator of a product called magic box….



… and then this 1680 parcel to its east honoring Iraqi War casualties through pictures and text.


Setting aside all the Linden returned abandoned land, Blynn Heron is the largest land owner in Minoa along with myself. Her various eastern parcels mix the functions of residential living and seasonal celebration. My artist friend and fellow blogger Pearl Grey, for instance, features Blynn’s Halloween setup in this Million Happy Endings post from October.


Sandwiched between Blynn’s land and Collagesity, in effect, is the 624 parcel of Pearl and I’s mutual friend Art Oluja. Since taking the below photo, I’ve learned that Art has decided to set the parcel up for sale. Shame to be losing her as a neighbor if it comes to that. Perhaps we can still keep in touch with each other from more of a distance.


In the sim of Juanita below Minoa is still situated a small cottage perched on a rise above a pool I rezzed about 1 1/2 years back now. The land has since become surrounded by abandoned land with no option to drag in more objects from other parcels with building permissions. It will most likely remain as is, unless the actual owner returns and decides to set something up themselves here. Not very likely during my Minoan time, however, given this particular 512 parcel was bought in April *2005*.



I, through a now sober Baker Bloch, returned to the Tyta parcel with the non-functioning theatre to see what I might have missed there, given Bloch’s state at the time. I found out that the group who rezzed the theatre also owned most of the Tyta land just north of Rubi — along Robin Lane again — that I also owned back in 2013. Coolie. Several houses exist on this land, along with a low ceiling cave.


Finally we must mention “Collagesity West” through a picture and leave it at that.


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Neighbors 01

Baker Bloch rolls a joint in front of a small house making up the groundside of Kim’s Place, a parcel tucked into the northeast corner of Minoa just east of Baker Blinker’s new property. Perhaps this Kim would be interested in buying the 5000 square meters Blinks has for sale right now. But we could theorize the same thing for most of the Collagesity neighbors we will be reviewing in this two part series.


Joint in hand, Baker Bloch then makes his way up Robin Lane past Baker Blinker’s property to this theatre in the southeast corner of Tyta, in turn northwest of Minoa. No film is being shown this day, but that doesn’t stop Baker from staring at the screen for about 30 minutes.



Next to it is a quite interesting structure fused with the lower end of The Great Wall of Heterocera, a famous Linden landmark passing through 14 sims before this terminus in Horisme, just beyond the northern boundary of Minoa. I have, of course, been aware of its presence near the Rubi Woods since almost the beginning of My Second Lyfe in early 2008. In fact, later that year Baker uncovered a secret triangular passageway within the wall lying directly beneath the main, square shaped one. You can read about these finds here, here and here.


Glimpse into the original wall through a rectangular window.

The group owner of the property, called Tier Sharing Center according the parcel description (with a dead link to their main website), has cleverly augmented the lower end of the Great Wall into a two prong affair. Compare here with the original state of this southern terminus.


But not much to find inside.


From the steps leading up to its entrance, Baker waves hi (“high”, snicker) to the back of Carrcassonee sitting in the Temple of TILE across the road.


Then Baker Bloch explores the grounds of Clarity Dagostino just north and west of Collagesity. Like the latter, Clarity’s property borders the Great Rubi Woods, a proximity she brags about in the parcel’s “About Land” description. The 4464 square meter lot was bought way back in 2007, not too long after the formation of the Heterocera continent itself.



But Baker finds the scripts in the two oriental style houses on the lot, such as those in its chairs and sofas, all pretty dated.


Baker enjoys the Collagesity skyline from one of those “antique” chairs.


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Complete Art 10×10 in Collagesity now.

Last part of this project was conversion of Karoz’s Norum Building into a gallery holding the 10 pieces of the Rose Hill series. The name of the gallery remains Norum.


Here’s how it breaks down now for the 100 collages of the Art 10×10.

Greenup (20 collages, 2004): unnamed gallery fronting Fal Mouth Moon; spiral design; seen to right in above photo.

Rose Hill (10 collages, 2005): Norum Gallery; center of above photo.

Yale-Newton (20 collages, 2006): SoSo South (connected to SoSo Mall).

Oblong (20 collages, 2007): SoSo North (connected to SoSo Mall).

Hidalgo (10 collages, 2008): SoSo South (connected to SoSo Mall).

Wheeler-Jasper (20 collages, 2009): SoSo Central or SoSo Mall.

All of these galleries are pictured in the below photo, along with Fal Mouth Moon, Red Umbrella, Power Tower, and Boos exhibiting the newer stuff (post-2009 collages).


SoSo Mall.

Entrance to SoSo South.

Entrance to SoSo North.

It’s all there.

The plan now is to have Karoz’s college moved to Collagesity North. More on that later.

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Baker Blinker and Baker Bloch have a problem.

The fire in the projected new city hall won’t move back into the fireplace.



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Collagesity North


Here’s the story. As of last night, Baker *Blinker* is now a Second Life premium member. I used her upgraded account to buy not one but two additional, larger parcels in Minoa, expanding Collagesity toward the north and Robin Lane. The larger of the two, after a crazy morning, has been effectively reduced from a 5200 to a 1280. The two Bakers, Blinker and Bloch, worked in concert to stabilize the situation there and return the Home o’ Fibs to Collagesity after a several month absence. Baker Blinker sees it as a potential place of sanity and calm in what can be a wild and zany town with many landscaping twists and turns.


The house is the only Collagesity structure north of Robin Lane. On the other side of the road comes the start of a rock pathway fronted by a Collagesity banner leading straight to the heart of the village, about a 120 meter journey. I suppose a logical name for it might be North Road.


It and Old Cannon Road, running east to west and intersecting this North Road about 3/4ths down its length, form the roughly T-shaped transportation warp and woof of the village.

Intersection of North and Old Cannon in front of the Red Umbrella.

Looking west down Old Cannon Road over the top of the Red Umbrella.

The one major turn of Old Cannon, centered by appropriately named Major Stone.

Major Stone.


Well, what other structures are new to the village? First of all, several have been deleted that I discussed in my last post about Collagesity changes LINK, including the Coolie Building and 2 filler structures near it, one a record store. Collagesity was simply getting too crowded and compacted — I needed a way to free up space and let the town breathe again. Problem now solved, I feel. North is born.

So let’s take a look at those new structures/objects located in Collagesity North. Again, since most are still empty they’re subject to change or switching out with other things, of course:

Big E.

Old Cottage (empty).

Color Change Tower.

Hobo Favela Squat Ruin.

Stairs Gallery (empty).

North Highrise.

North Highrise Interior.

Eternally Bickering Newton and Jasper with new, bricky friend.

Temple of TILE.

Carrcassonnee again!

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Collagesity just got bigger

Story soon.


I may have figured out a way to get Carrcassonnee back.






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Straightening Out Where Everyone Lives

Baker Bloch sleeps up in the attic of Karoz Blogger’s dead-in-the-water Norum College. This is *my* place, he gestures. He’s not giving up this view.



Karoz still lives above the Bodega marketplace, now directly connected to the SoSo Mall that’s becoming more central to the town each passing week. He’s currently trying to ignore the presence of Jack at the bottom of the stairs leading up to his place from the mall. He’s not ready to talk about Lockfry or Peter SoSo or any of that Crabwoo stuff quite yet. But he’ll not be able to avoid the subject forever.



Baker Blinker’s choice of residence remains the Gloomy Gus set up on the western edge of Collagesity, next to the Great Rubi Woods. She loves to look into the forest while continuing to work on her semi-fictional World of Lemon journal. She’s up to Chapter 20: “How Old Mabel saves Collagesity by decapitating Wheeler.” The thought of it makes her unnervingly gleeful.


She also enjoys rocking in this chair on her porch and staring out at the woods from a slightly different angle.



I suppose Hucka Doobie still lives primarily in the White Palace hovering in the aether somewhere between Real and Second Life. Or maybe she doesn’t really reside anywhere, flitting around from place to place in line with her core bee nature.

Spongeberg Resident’s main home is in Mystenopolis over on the Nautilus continent, but he is sometimes seen hanging at Collagesity Heights’ Church of the Red Doors, often dancing up a starry storm.


Occasionally he and Baker Bloch watch Randyland episodes at the Collagesity Heights theatre to kill off time. In fact, Baker has made it one of his New Year’s resolutions to view more of these. Table preparation, you see.


Carrcassonnee has been returned to her now topless gazebo, but remains in inactive mode, sans eyeball of any kind. Her former eye Perch still graces the entrance to his namesake restaurant next to the Blue Feather Club. Is this separation permanent? And, if so, can Carrcassonnee perhaps retrieve another eye from somewhere else and challenge Wheeler once again for chief town deity?


Maybe Old Mabel does hold the key. She’s currently spending most of her time at the library, catching up with the town’s history and culture. Below we find her asleep there after a long night of reading.


I’m not sure where she crashes — maybe over in one of the Rubi buildings.


And I guess that brings us to Wheeler. Nautilus? Blue Feather? Try Hell.


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Collagesity Expansions/Changes

Biggest change is the addition of a modern style gallery — still without name* — connected to the SoSo Mall. Within are 30 collages of the Art 10×10, or, more specifically, the Yale, Newton, and Hidalgo series made up of 10 collages apiece.



Door between the mall and the new gallery.


Gallery floors.


Karl’s Hole in the Wall bar has been moved to the mall. Hi Jack! The horror writer/bartender is thinking of renaming the establishment The Joker’s Wild. Right now he plans to keep the old bar as well in Space Ghost’s former house, just through Starbucanneers from the mall.


1st customer. Is he or she old enough to drink, though?


The front of the Bodega marketplace has been cleaned up, with Stone 03 removed. Entrance to Karoz’s upstairs apartment has narrowed a bit. A man also named Jack wishes to speak with him. I think the topic of John Lockfry may come up. Pretty sure of that.


2 Jacks.

More changes are found on the north side of town, including the return of the slanted Coolie Building, seen behind Starbucanneers and SoSo from this angle.


And here’s a view from the north. Several filler buildings have also been added around it.



There’s even plans for a city hall to be positioned underneath the new gallery, accessible from a bridge across Poppie Pool Danger Pond. Or at least Baker is hanging on to the idea.



Collagesity’s pretty big. Does it need to take another jump up? We’ll see soon enough.



* As of 12/30/16, the name of this gallery becomes SoSo South, with 30 collages from Yale, Newton, and Hildago series exhibited within.


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Further Alignments

Wilson dubs this location in the southeast corner of von Spee Bone Knoll. One skull with loosened jawbone is discovered to go along with a piscine rib cage.


Interesting line of circles formed by its spine protruding from the surface. The school of small dark fish seem to know more than they let on.


Returning to Yvonni in the same sim, she always seems to be oriented almost directly west.


Could she be looking at something? Un-rendnering the water and shortening distance seems to provide a clue. Might it be the buried (King) Poseidon statue again?? LINK


Buried King (von Spee) and Queen (Dybur).


Yvonni and Bücker Jungmann biplane again.


Interesting angle toward the biplane. Almost seems to be on a runway.


The *two* von Spee biplanes, past (lower right) and present (upper left).


Returning to Bone Knoll, Baker finds an additional skull — jawbone still intact this time — to go with the first. They are about equidistant from the central rib cage with its interesting line of circles.




Side note: Maximilian von Spee’s two sons were killed with him during the same battle that sank the Scharnhost. LINK

The eastern half of two rows of 9 columns near the southern boundary of the sim is aligned with the west side of the rib cage and its 10 ribs. Careful about that shark, Wilson!


Crisis averted. The other row is similarly aligned with the eastern part of the Jungmann biplane.


Interesting alignment of the two von Spree biplanes with Dybur’s large pinkish purple crystal cluster and buried Queen.



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