Further Alignments

Wilson dubs this location in the southeast corner of von Spee Bone Knoll. One skull with loosened jawbone is discovered to go along with a piscine rib cage.


Interesting line of circles formed by its spine protruding from the surface. The school of small dark fish seem to know more than they let on.


Returning to Yvonni in the same sim, she always seems to be oriented almost directly west.


Could she be looking at something? Un-rendnering the water and shortening distance seems to provide a clue. Might it be the buried (King) Poseidon statue again?? LINK


Buried King (von Spee) and Queen (Dybur).


Yvonni and Bücker Jungmann biplane again.


Interesting angle toward the biplane. Almost seems to be on a runway.


The *two* von Spee biplanes, past (lower right) and present (upper left).


Returning to Bone Knoll, Baker finds an additional skull — jawbone still intact this time — to go with the first. They are about equidistant from the central rib cage with its interesting line of circles.




Side note: Maximilian von Spee’s two sons were killed with him during the same battle that sank the Scharnhost. LINK

The eastern half of two rows of 9 columns near the southern boundary of the sim is aligned with the west side of the rib cage and its 10 ribs. Careful about that shark, Wilson!


Crisis averted. The other row is similarly aligned with the eastern part of the Jungmann biplane.


Interesting alignment of the two von Spree biplanes with Dybur’s large pinkish purple crystal cluster and buried Queen.



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