Collagesity Expansions/Changes

Biggest change is the addition of a modern style gallery — still without name* — connected to the SoSo Mall. Within are 30 collages of the Art 10×10, or, more specifically, the Yale, Newton, and Hidalgo series made up of 10 collages apiece.



Door between the mall and the new gallery.


Gallery floors.


Karl’s Hole in the Wall bar has been moved to the mall. Hi Jack! The horror writer/bartender is thinking of renaming the establishment The Joker’s Wild. Right now he plans to keep the old bar as well in Space Ghost’s former house, just through Starbucanneers from the mall.


1st customer. Is he or she old enough to drink, though?


The front of the Bodega marketplace has been cleaned up, with Stone 03 removed. Entrance to Karoz’s upstairs apartment has narrowed a bit. A man also named Jack wishes to speak with him. I think the topic of John Lockfry may come up. Pretty sure of that.


2 Jacks.

More changes are found on the north side of town, including the return of the slanted Coolie Building, seen behind Starbucanneers and SoSo from this angle.


And here’s a view from the north. Several filler buildings have also been added around it.



There’s even plans for a city hall to be positioned underneath the new gallery, accessible from a bridge across Poppie Pool Danger Pond. Or at least Baker is hanging on to the idea.



Collagesity’s pretty big. Does it need to take another jump up? We’ll see soon enough.



* As of 12/30/16, the name of this gallery becomes SoSo South, with 30 collages from Yale, Newton, and Hildago series exhibited within.


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