Straightening Out Where Everyone Lives

Baker Bloch sleeps up in the attic of Karoz Blogger’s dead-in-the-water Norum College. This is *my* place, he gestures. He’s not giving up this view.



Karoz still lives above the Bodega marketplace, now directly connected to the SoSo Mall that’s becoming more central to the town each passing week. He’s currently trying to ignore the presence of Jack at the bottom of the stairs leading up to his place from the mall. He’s not ready to talk about Lockfry or Peter SoSo or any of that Crabwoo stuff quite yet. But he’ll not be able to avoid the subject forever.



Baker Blinker’s choice of residence remains the Gloomy Gus set up on the western edge of Collagesity, next to the Great Rubi Woods. She loves to look into the forest while continuing to work on her semi-fictional World of Lemon journal. She’s up to Chapter 20: “How Old Mabel saves Collagesity by decapitating Wheeler.” The thought of it makes her unnervingly gleeful.


She also enjoys rocking in this chair on her porch and staring out at the woods from a slightly different angle.



I suppose Hucka Doobie still lives primarily in the White Palace hovering in the aether somewhere between Real and Second Life. Or maybe she doesn’t really reside anywhere, flitting around from place to place in line with her core bee nature.

Spongeberg Resident’s main home is in Mystenopolis over on the Nautilus continent, but he is sometimes seen hanging at Collagesity Heights’ Church of the Red Doors, often dancing up a starry storm.


Occasionally he and Baker Bloch watch Randyland episodes at the Collagesity Heights theatre to kill off time. In fact, Baker has made it one of his New Year’s resolutions to view more of these. Table preparation, you see.


Carrcassonnee has been returned to her now topless gazebo, but remains in inactive mode, sans eyeball of any kind. Her former eye Perch still graces the entrance to his namesake restaurant next to the Blue Feather Club. Is this separation permanent? And, if so, can Carrcassonnee perhaps retrieve another eye from somewhere else and challenge Wheeler once again for chief town deity?


Maybe Old Mabel does hold the key. She’s currently spending most of her time at the library, catching up with the town’s history and culture. Below we find her asleep there after a long night of reading.


I’m not sure where she crashes — maybe over in one of the Rubi buildings.


And I guess that brings us to Wheeler. Nautilus? Blue Feather? Try Hell.


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