Complete Art 10×10 in Collagesity now.

Last part of this project was conversion of Karoz’s Norum Building into a gallery holding the 10 pieces of the Rose Hill series. The name of the gallery remains Norum.


Here’s how it breaks down now for the 100 collages of the Art 10×10.

Greenup (20 collages, 2004): unnamed gallery fronting Fal Mouth Moon; spiral design; seen to right in above photo.

Rose Hill (10 collages, 2005): Norum Gallery; center of above photo.

Yale-Newton (20 collages, 2006): SoSo South (connected to SoSo Mall).

Oblong (20 collages, 2007): SoSo North (connected to SoSo Mall).

Hidalgo (10 collages, 2008): SoSo South (connected to SoSo Mall).

Wheeler-Jasper (20 collages, 2009): SoSo Central or SoSo Mall.

All of these galleries are pictured in the below photo, along with Fal Mouth Moon, Red Umbrella, Power Tower, and Boos exhibiting the newer stuff (post-2009 collages).


SoSo Mall.

Entrance to SoSo South.

Entrance to SoSo North.

It’s all there.

The plan now is to have Karoz’s college moved to Collagesity North. More on that later.

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