New Collagesity Gallery/Mall

*Finally*, after a number of weeks trying, I think I’ve found the right choice for Collagesity’s central building and the way to display the Art 10×10 within. SoSo’s the name I’m calling it, representing a combo of gallery and mall. Let’s take a look…


First off, I want to explain that I’ve also now established an official, central teleporting spot for the town, and when you land there you are immediately confronted with the names of all the town’s 5 major galleries: Fal Mouth Moon, Power Tower, SoSo, Red Umbrella, and Boos. And you can physically see all of these galleries as well, with the exception of Boos and Red Umbrella.

Each of these 5 galleries also contains a teleporter, linking them together that way as well. Everything is more cohesive and tight knit now. Collagesity is maturing before my eyes. It now has a true, beating heart. And, at present count, 259 prims still to play around with (!). Pretty amazing. 24 buildings make up the town, with only one being a filler structure (1 prim Lafayette Grocery and Deli on the north side).

Power Tower and SoSo to west, w/ additional sign for Red Umbrella and Boos.

Fal Mouth Moon to east.

Bodega Market now part of SoSo Gallery/Mall. Beside it is a telporter leading up to Collagesity Heights and the theatre.

A new way for Karoz to get to his upstairs apartment.

Big E. Central to Karoz’s TILE game/philosophy/religion. More on that soon!

Part 2 of 2 of mall ahead.

Stairs leading down to other parts of Collagesity. These stairs use to be the main conduit between its east and west sides.

SoSo (and those stairs) looking from the west.

SoSo, part 2 of 2.

Starbuccaneers is now a part of the mall. So is what I’m now calling SoSo North here (formerly just SoSo itself).

A way into Central Tower from the mall.

Central Tower.


SoSo now displays 40 of the 100 collages making up the Art 10×10. There’s still 2007’s Oblong series in SoSo “North”. And now 2009’s Wheeler-Jasper in SoSo proper (the mall part), with Wheeler in part 1 and Jasper in part 2 as we’ve deemed them here. But, like I said, it’s all SoSo now. Compare this to the 60 displayed in Gallery Jack before, and the 80 in the Toxic Art gallery. But on the other hand, all of the present works are for sale, and SoSo contains several links to the full Art 10×10 over in the Cayuga sim. All in all, this is definitely a better scenario. You get a good chunk of the 10×10 collages, and can choose to see all of them if you wish, or explore the other town galleries instead with the newer stuff.

I think this general situation will last. It’s just such a nifty way to link a lot of formerly separated things.

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