Beach, The 01

I haven’t been to Darkside up on The Beach (mtn.) in about 2 years, and apparently I haven’t even blogged about it in around 6. Great place! It’s just west of Ozland, which is definitely off-limits for trespassing now, unlike in the far past. Use to be I could go up there and wander down the yellow brick road and not worry about it too much. No longer. People get arrested. Oz is not the laid back place of the 90s and 00s. And it cost a whole lot more to get in now during the days it’s open — once was free! But back to Darkside and happier news.

My Darkside pictures actually didn’t turn out too great this day. Bright sunlight was one culprit. The other was the dense foliage remaining for this late in the year. Been very warm in the Blue Mountain area for certain. Looks like the leaves will be peaking about 1 week later than usual. So today I had no great shots of the famed Temple of the Moon, nor Observation Rock or other prominent Darkside stones. I may return in late October or November.

So below we have what I call Cathedral Rock, I believe, with a much smaller one called Tombstone Rock perched on top. Obvious descriptive term.


This more open and barren slice of land at the front of Cathedral Rock may be the site of a toy happening sometime soon. Perhaps even late October? A possibility. I don’t plan to employ Bigfoot for the same, at any rate, not until next spring/summer/fall. More on Bigfoot thoughts soon — subject of another post.


Amazing views looking over the south lip of Darkside.


Hobbit Rock.


Silhouettes of smaller rocks in the western part of the Darkside bowl.


The top of Pentagon Rock, which, true to its applied name, has 5 sides. I’ve blogged about it and Hobbit Rock in the past.


The top of the Temple of the Moon, the largest standalone rock of the complex.


Temple of the Moon.


The same day I explored an official trail of The Beach, and took a picture of another rock laying against a pool between two waterfalls, large and small. This has always been one of my favorite spots on the mountain.


And the fantasy berg I called Winner in several posts from about 2 years ago (LINK LINK LINK) still exists. It seems to have adopted the name Fairyland in the meantime. I like Winner better.



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