Neighbors 01

Baker Bloch rolls a joint in front of a small house making up the groundside of Kim’s Place, a parcel tucked into the northeast corner of Minoa just east of Baker Blinker’s new property. Perhaps this Kim would be interested in buying the 5000 square meters Blinks has for sale right now. But we could theorize the same thing for most of the Collagesity neighbors we will be reviewing in this two part series.


Joint in hand, Baker Bloch then makes his way up Robin Lane past Baker Blinker’s property to this theatre in the southeast corner of Tyta, in turn northwest of Minoa. No film is being shown this day, but that doesn’t stop Baker from staring at the screen for about 30 minutes.



Next to it is a quite interesting structure fused with the lower end of The Great Wall of Heterocera, a famous Linden landmark passing through 14 sims before this terminus in Horisme, just beyond the northern boundary of Minoa. I have, of course, been aware of its presence near the Rubi Woods since almost the beginning of My Second Lyfe in early 2008. In fact, later that year Baker uncovered a secret triangular passageway within the wall lying directly beneath the main, square shaped one. You can read about these finds here, here and here.


Glimpse into the original wall through a rectangular window.

The group owner of the property, called Tier Sharing Center according the parcel description (with a dead link to their main website), has cleverly augmented the lower end of the Great Wall into a two prong affair. Compare here with the original state of this southern terminus.


But not much to find inside.


From the steps leading up to its entrance, Baker waves hi (“high”, snicker) to the back of Carrcassonee sitting in the Temple of TILE across the road.


Then Baker Bloch explores the grounds of Clarity Dagostino just north and west of Collagesity. Like the latter, Clarity’s property borders the Great Rubi Woods, a proximity she brags about in the parcel’s “About Land” description. The 4464 square meter lot was bought way back in 2007, not too long after the formation of the Heterocera continent itself.



But Baker finds the scripts in the two oriental style houses on the lot, such as those in its chairs and sofas, all pretty dated.


Baker enjoys the Collagesity skyline from one of those “antique” chairs.


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