Middletown, Early October

Saturday trip to Middletown. Great time! This seeming manifestation of TILE in a window display got my camera clicking. The colors are reversed, but the direct association is there. Instead of the correct yellow “I”, you have a blue one. Instead of the right color of blue for the “E”, you have yellow. Then instead of a red “L” you have a green one here. All that’s missing letter-wise is the “T”, which would logically be [the reversed] red in this scenario.


In this picture is depicted a Middletown collagist briefly alluded to here. I believe we have taken separate paths in this discipline. Her back is literally and figuratively turned to me, I feel, even though upon meeting we were face to face. My route is focused upon the educational more than the commercial. Both paths have advantages. I would suppose hard core collagists are very insecure people. I should know.

I would like to mention here another collagist whose work I just ran across yesterday. MK Ultrasound may be more similar to myself, even though he also sells his works. That’s because he additionally creates audiovisual collages, like I do (MessiaenSphere, Messiaen Trek, etc.). These are, by their very nature, non-profitable. Here’s a link to some of his work: http://www.mkultrasound723.com/art. Hmm, wonder if *he* would like the exhibit his art in Collagesity? Interesting. But I’d have to get to know him and his portfolio and artistic philosophy better.


One of my arch enemies, and blown up to large size to emphasize the dislike. This is what nightmares are made of.


A rare picture of the real me. Can you see?


Middletown was quite far down into the rabbit hole this day of parading and protesting and such. But what energy! I was soaking it up apparently.




… and Donald.


This is a more interesting story. Just two shops down from the one with the TILE display discussed above, I found this man posing next to the Judgement card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck. This happens to be the Major Arcana card coming direction before The World, the final one. I asked him about the card, mentioning I was just writing about The World the night before (and I also discuss *TILE* in the same paragraph!). He told me it was to indicate when your food was ready. I asked if The World happened to be on the flip side?


It wasn’t, but I found it quickly enough inside.


One of the queer things about this exchange is that the man’s wife or partner was also taking pictures of him with the card at the same time. Here *she* is at work.


Middletown has energy. Door to reality.

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