Collagesity Updates

Tonight Baker Bloch was poking around the Castle of the 7th Spire after making some important updates to Collagesity as a whole.

“Hi Karl. Whatcha doing way up here in the air?” But Karl had no answer for Baker. He’d been hanging there for a long time.


Baker thinks the castle still has great potential as an art gallery or perhaps a town history museum.


And what’s the real story behind the skywalk that descends to the top of the castle, opens up in a glowy gap, and then reascends back to an upper plane? Hucka D. has also stated that the castle could be more the product of Lemon Lab than Linden Lab, going along with present research in BoB(ylon).


The corner of the House of True Lies remains missing after its separation from the rocket launcher that took Karoz and others to the Moon. Rumors have it that Karoz has used the launcher since then to travel to Mars, maybe further. A planet called Muff/Birmingham is involved in some variations.


But to the important changes — Collagesity, at least for now, has been basically restored to its former state before the exit of the Toxic Art Gallery about maybe a half year back. The “Art 10×10” with its 100 collages, minus the earliest 20 within the Greenup series, has returned to the virtual village. John Lockfry 02 saw it coming. Along with this, the SoSo Gallery has been deleted (redundant collages now), and House Orange has also come back to Collagesity, the at least former home of Baker Bloch and situated, as it was before, directly in front of the Toxic Art Gallery’s door.

I’ll just have Baker Bloch snap a photo of the arrangement…

Oh, and the Bodega market has returned, along with Karoz’s upstairs apt.


But right we must join Baker Bloch and Carrcassonnee in her gazebo. The discussion has already started.



(joined in progress)


A wrestler?




Well, hmmm, that would explain the training facility John Lockfry 02 describes.


Yes, he knows that much. He’s studying the Intense Shower. Shouldn’t we all be? We were all involved.


Yes. I suppose so. What was it exactly?


To me it was just that — a shower. Intensely pleasing, but I got soap in my eye and couldn’t find my towel. It didn’t end well, me out in the woods without a stitch of clothing on for all to ogle.

(for the record, Carrcassonnee never wears any clothing)


But then the horrible rain itself has come to be described as the Intense Shower. The one that brought us David Bowie slash Bogota.


He was just passing through. He just wanted to show you he existed, he will continue to exist, and to simply encourage you a bit. The carrcasses and all. *My* carrcasses.


I can see that.


And to tell you a little about the mechanisms of death. Do you have any more questions about Dr. Mulholland? I think it’s pretty clear cut.


Is John Lockfry 02’s BoBylon research done already?



(unjoined in progress)



World of Collages hasn’t returned to Collagesity, however. Is there really a world of collages out there to discover? Mine seem different and separate from the others, in truth, and I think that’s partially because of the heavy analysis I do on them now. They are like captured bits of dreams. That angle won’t subside with future series, I don’t believe. There will always be series now. And there’s also the thing about using whatever images fit my style, not thinking too much about copyright barriers. That’s why I call my collages educational and noncommercial on this site.

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