Plane Clash? 02

Baker Bloch decides to talk to Karoz about all these ideas tonight, if he’s available. Turns out — big surprise — he is…


… but it takes him a minute to, as he put it, get ready. He had a surprise for Baker, but Baker was forewarned by Furry Karl about this.


“What do you think, eh? Better eh? Huh?”

“Let me turn your seat toward me some more,” Baker responds to Karoz. He then takes a closer look…


… but before Baker can weigh in with an opinion, Karoz is giving more details.

“From now on I will [also] be called Xilted, after the greenest sim there is, at least in its lowest part. The green, green hills of Xilted. You’ve heard that old song.”

“Have I?”

“Past, present, future,” Karoz replies. “That’s where we are now. We are, ahem, sitting in the middle of the future TILE college grounds of Collagesity, Baker Bloch. This is where it all starts. This is where the rooting takes place. And I’m not talking about just routing for the college football team this go around. This time it’s real.”

“Fascinating,” says Baker. “And as I take a closer view I certainly approve of the new look, Karoz. And I see you have an earring too in your, ah, left ear.


“Yes, Baker Blinker has [a duplicate] one in the other ear. We are a symmetrical match, just like with our souls. I guess you’ve heard about that too.”

“You mean the new stuff with the whole Assimilation dealie? Yes I’ve heard. I bought Baker Blinker a present today. Did she tell you?”

“No,” came Karoz’s answer. He suddenly looked annoyed. Baker Bloch can read Karoz’s expressions better now (!). Baker decides to drop that particular subject.

“Well… give me more details about the college then, Karoz. Are you talking about assimilating the new structure over there into it?” Baker points behind Karoz to the new Collagesity building I mention in the “Plane Clash? 01” post.

“Yes,” says Karoz. “And also where we sit. Something will happen. Something *is* happening. Can you feel it?”


Just then, Baker Blinker rang up Karoz and told him the news of the purchase Baker Bloch mentioned earlier. Karoz had known this was going to happen. But he still didn’t seem prepared.

“Okay, duplicate people, right,” he spoke rather tensely into the phone. “Right. I know that.” Baker Bloch couldn’t make out what Baker Blinker was saying. “Yes, I know that already. (pause) No, I’m here with Baker Bloch in the center of my new college. (pause) Yes, it’s already here. Future is present. (pause) Um huh. (pause) Yeah. (pause) I’ll pick that up on the way home. (pause) Okay, I’ll see you shortly.” Karoz ends the call. Baker Bloch is very curious but sticks to the script. The script says to be silent for 23 seconds and not speak. He waits.

15 seconds later, Karoz speaks. “I’ve got to get home. Baker Blinker wants me to pick up some milk at the Bodega market.”


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