Norum College

In happier news for Karoz, his new school of learning keeps developing. He’s decided to call it Norum College, housed in the old Norum Gallery building formerly featuring the work of collagist Julie Sadler. Karoz wants to hang at least one of her collages in the college but hasn’t chosen which yet. The Norum Gallery sign has been retained for the school.


Applicants for the college are suppose to show up in person on the bottom floor, where Space Ghost and Cardboard Derek Jones help them sign up. Karoz is still preparing promotional pamplets, along with the application packet itself. But this is roughly how it will look when the room is finished.


The second floor is devoted to the vast subject of science, perhaps focusing on the experimental side, such as Tesla inventions and theories.



On the third floor so far, we find these 3 easels. It’s obvious that Karoz wanted to hold at least painting classes here but he was running out of prims after the splurge on science from the floor below. We’ll have to see how it balances out. Baker Bloch is hoping that the college will place more emphasis on art in the end. It is *Collage*sity, after all.


Baker may live on the top floor in serving as custodian for the school. As of this writing, he’s won out over Karl for the position. But what will become of Karl now?


The most ambitious project slated for the college has to be this rocket ship Karoz is designing in the tower section of the House of Truth. He plans to take it all the way to Second Life’s lone moon, and after that… well, better save some surprises for later(!).


After giving Baker Bloch a tour, they sit in Karoz’s apartment and look out on southern Minoa and Sikkima while sipping Absinthe from a bottle, a surprise gift from Old Kent (shark). Oh, but it comes with a sort of price tag: “Don’t change,” the accompanying note simply read. He doesn’t plan to; no worries there.


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