He teleported in a little way into the woods. He approached the house and then spotted the rocking woman. Too late to retreat back or teleport away in case he had been seen in turn. He strolled out of the woods and onto the porch. He did not know the woman. She didn’t stop rocking to greet him.

“Is… Baker Blinker home miss?” he asked, peering down at her from near the door. He could not stand in front of her because he would sink through the floor — right on the sim line.


“No need to be so formal Karoz,” she spoke in a somewhat derisive tone. “We are kindred spirits of sorts.”

“Who are you?”

She finally looked up at him. “I’m Mulholland. Dr. Mulholland. Not to be confused with Mulholland Dr. because that would be the reverse.”

“I don’t understand. Is Baker home or not?”

She didn’t answer him directly. “You had your chance Karoz Blogger. You criticized her eyes, and then when she tried to get you both to change in tandem you held back. Look at you.” She scanned him top to bottom. “A moss being, the texture of standard Linden default grass. Do you really think that’s so attractive?”

“I am what I am,” Karoz defended himself. “My father was a moss being and my true mother was an alien, perhaps of a praying mantis variety. We cannot change who we are.”

“Can’t we?”

“If Baker Blinker is not home I’ll take my leave.” He was getting angry and frustrated.

‘No. she’s here,” answered Dr. Mulholland, or the person claiming to be so. She called inside: “Baker?!” An old friend here to see you.” Karoz peered through the window on the porch offering a view of the couch inside, and a bit of the bedroom. “Baker?!”

They both waited. No one came to the door.

“Looks like she doesn’t want company right now. Maybe you should ring her up in a week or two. Maybe you can even be friends down the road. Or drive.”

He left without saying goodbye. Next stop was the Hole in the Wall bar just around the corner, where he could drowned his sorrows, and where reborn Rhoda was still trying to remove her own blood stains from the counter.


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