The jumps in time have essentially ended for John Lockfry 02. He stares into the Rubi Woods, wondering why. And where is the wife? It’s not as important a question now. He senses a lack, an absence. Something has happened. Hanover.


Baker Bloch has reinserted the Home o’ Fibs into the northwest corner of town. But is he really this Wilson fellow now? Who can tell?! I hear that Wilson has purchased the non-transferable blackbird to make them essentially identical in appearance. Transformation complete.


And rain has also returned to Collagesity, at least the part around Confluence Pool. JL2 contemplates this reinstatement too. It all seems to fit together somehow; leading up to a celebration, he senses.


Someone is coming. Someone is here!


But it’s way too early for him/her. Isn’t it??


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