Baker rezzes at home base once more, and pauses to take a look around. The Falmouth Gallery looms impressively from this angle.


Carrcassonnee’s fire is on. She’s in. But Baker resists going inside quite yet.


He keeps just turning around in his tracks. Lockfry’s old trailer. Wonder if he’ll ever return to Collagesity? Not John Lockfry 02, but the red guy, the one that was buds with Karoz at one time over in Crabwoo on the Maebaleia continent. Or so they said.


And then in the fourth and final direction comes Baker’s Home Orange, an old and now new center. Baker Bloch’s father Space Ghost has returned and is planted inside, I believe. Space Ghost wants to become one with his son, and I think that can happen now.


He keeps poking around Collagesity, visiting the never finished town museum with its lone hanging collage: the theoretical start of the Bogota series. Never really focused in, just like this picture never seems to focus in for Baker. Defective texture? Must be.


Baker glances west to the Tower of TILE, technically kind of part of Collagesity as well. He again ponders rezzing (another?) Gloomy Gus structure there.


He zooms in on the forest and its many trees, exactly 199 in number. Or is that 200 now with Unch? Is Unch real?


Has he neglected the mysteries of the forest? Is there a whole parallel universe not taken where many advances have come in that direction?


As he just scans around the forest in zoom mode, he sees, well he sees what appears to be himself sitting in a lawn chair on the parcel with the Tower of TILE.


But then the birdie winks out. It’s Wilson. Phew! Tit for tat, I suppose.


Baker forgets about Wilson for a moment as he decides to head over to Jorondip and BoB in general just to check that whole scene out as well tonight. He eventually lands in Gormthoog, staring at the giant green faune statue over purchasable land. Could this possibly be his new home? A new Collagesity location? Couldn’t be, could it?


Then it was back to the actual Collagesity next to the Rubi Woods. Wilson was still there sitting in his chair. Baker approaches…



… to find a strange girl-boy. This must be Wheeler, he surmises. She/he spoke.

“I’m looking for a facelight tonight… heading back over to BoB. Wanna come? Well, you actually have no choice. Let’s go!”


Later on, Baker gains a facelight but loses a hat. He has become the bald headed seal for real.


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