Peter stood in the front of the window with everyone gathered around now. Bendy was still confused about the explanation Lily was providing. “So Soso is good.”

“Soso is *grrr-reat*!” exclaimed Lily, imitating their mutual friend Tony Tiger. All chuckle except Peter, who winced. “Oh, sorry Peter. His ears are still new. Well, *everything* is new.”

“So,” he replied in a squeak. “So so. So.”

“Aww, he’s so *cute*.” Lily gently pinches him on his still forming cheek. “He’s the first Peter to truly be resurrected because he’s the best. And Peter Gabriel embodies Soso to perfection with the unnamed albums, all leading up to ‘So.’ And *so* I think that’s who’s trying to form before us: Peter Gabriel.” She shrugs her shoulders quickly. “It’s just *so* exciting!”

“Ahem, you need to stop with the “so”s,” Jack requested, but with a laugh.

“So so,” repeated Peter. “So so so so.”

Prissy was nervously scratching her fins. “”But why is he a merboy?” she asked. “Like I’m a mergirl?”

“Because he is your brother, Prissy,” Lily explained. “You are only a bit older than he. How old are you now?”

“13,” came the answer. “13 weeks,” she elaborated.

“13 weeks and 2 and a 1/2 days, yes. You were born at noon. Peter here has just manifested at midnight. You are the day and night twins.” Lily then turns to Bendy. “How old are you Bendy?”

“I’m going to go with 13 as well because I don’t really the heck know.”

“Oh, that’s not true Bendy,” Jack spoke. “You know I completed you on the same day as the whale and squid fiasco. That’s why you’re so *bent* up inside; that awful thing was one of the first things you saw with your shiny new metallic beamers. And Bendy became your name because everyone knew you would become truly warped after that. And *so* it came to be… sorry Lily.”

“So so,” Peter gurgles. “So… *lo*.”

Lily claps again. Peter winces again. “Oh, so sorry Peter once more. But you’ve said your first variant word. Solo!” She tried not to be so loud this time but she felt like shouting it from the rooftop. Peter Gabriel!

Peter Gabriel?

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