“I think I’ve decided is my favorite spot on the South Pole, Lily. In the middle of your labyrinth.”

“Yes, it was designed as a man trap.” She smiles at him. “We’ve got to have you running it inside and out at least 3 times a day to get you back in shape. I can turn you small beforehand to quadruple the effect.” She shook her head. “You live such a sedentary life, Jack.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ll get back into fighting form, I promise. If we could just solve the problem of merger.”

“Well, as I’ve told you, I can’t double the moon through a magic spell to combine the two poles. You can forget about it.”

Jack hadn’t quite given up the fight. “I’ve showed you the plans. The topography of the North Pole and South Pole fit into each other in unexpected, beneficial ways. Your cottage would slot into my Big Crevice. My shed on one side and Molly’s Cardinal Tree on the other side.”

“It would be too risky,” Lily says firmly, trying to end it. “Our moon friends might be thrown off into space. It could mess up all the side gravities.”

“I just thought a powerful enough spell could protect us.”

“No,” Lily says flatly. “The ancient physics of our moon should not be monkeyed around with. Spells should work side by side with natural laws, not attempt to override or replace them. You listen to me. That’s *that*.”


“And then the other plan: we can’t drag my shed up here through East Pole.”

“I really don’t have room for it even if we could mustard up enough manpower, which I don’t think is possible. So: no. No go.”

“Ketchup,” he cussed. He had given up again. “So there really is only one way out.”

“Yes,” Lily agrees. She stands up and walks over to the edge of the labyrinth, carefully peering down at the grave on West Pole. Jack joins her.


“He has both our genes in him this time. He’s programmed differently from Prissy, a slight but important upgrade. And he’s triggered Project Pope in Bendy. Those two should be fine together, now. This should work. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

“The moon is a square that needs rounding, true,” says Jack, looking into her eyes. He loves her so much, he realizes. She is the center now, not the hole in the sky. But he *can* finish his task since he’ll be living here if all goes as scheduled. The sky will be whole and without hole, and the completed sphere can manifest on earth in theory, according to Lily. As above so below. It’s all up to Peter.

Later that day, with the whale and squid conjoined in the sky again, Peter approaches.

The pole opens as planned.


It worked!! The square was circled, with space both inside and out.

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