Collagesity Gets Stoned 01

As of yesterday, 10 large stones with Celtic type designs on ’em have arrived in Collagesity, practically dividable into 2 sets of 5. Stones within each set are basically aligned with one another east to west across the town, 5 on the north side and 5 to the south. Successive rocks are also approximately equidistant to each other in both sets.

We start with the last stone placed by Baker Bloch yesterday, which turns out to be Stone 01 according to town terminology. This would be near the bottom center of Castle Jack in the southwest corner of Collagesity. We already learn much from this placement. Before Castle Jack, this site might have held a traditional 7 circuit labyrinth, such as we’ve seen in the Temple of TILE before, as well as on Second Lyfe’s Moon of the Moon. The rock and its own depiction of said labyrinth commemorates this history — according to town legends again.


The spinning Tyle Cube is perched on top.



Stone 02 fronts Carrcassonnee’s Gazebo Temple, about at the same place the burning Lennon lemon was before. It’s one of the bigger of the 10, and might be individually named Big Stone or Major Stone (Biggie?). We’ll see.



All that remains of the firey lemon is its containing dish or bowl.


Baker walks toward Stone 03 and Stone 04.


Stone 03 (front of Bodega Market).


Stone 04 (center of town “plaza”).


Stone 05 is placed on the eastern edge of town next to SoSo, near the border of Art Oluja’s land.



Stones 03, 04, and 05 in a row across Collagesity East.


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