Collagesity Gets Stoned 02

We move to the second set of 5 stones, this time aligned on the northern side of town, and basically following the route of Old Cannon Road. They are numbered west to east in this case.

Stone 06 is in front of a store (Lafayette Grocery and Dairy), just like Stone 03 (Bodega Market).


Baker Bloch looks down the ancient roadway toward stones 07 and 08.


Stone 07 (w/ Stone 06 in the background).


Stone 08. This one’s called Major Stone? Tall Stone? Lean Stone?




Stone 09, or Hunger Stone, one of the largest like Big Stone before it. It shares other similarities with Big Stone.


Hunger Stone may also be known as Think Stone for obvious reasons. This may be a corruption of Thick Stone.



Stone 10 is the only one not found in Collagesity proper. Instead it lies within the Rubi Woods, and offers important clues to their origins. We know that Hector on the opposite side of these same woods once contained its own alignment of very similar rocks (One Two). We’ll have to study this matter further before commenting in full. But are the stones from the woods?



Stone 06 was then turned around to close out Baker Bloch’s rocky night.


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