Bigfoot Revisited 03

Up we go (to 2nd road)! I envision perhaps even putting some kind of primitive stair system in this bank connecting Vincente with… well, I don’t have a name yet for the clear spot on 2nd Road. Maybe we’ll just call it Secondary for now and think of a better name later on.


But sticking to the swamp for now, here’s a picture of the rocks below its intake pipe near the center of Bigfoot.


New cattails.


Remains of the old toy happening last October as still there, including the central spool table, metal chair, and what I termed the old smelting plant, Taum Sauk’s nice brick “house”, and the original (golf) iron of the community propped up against the foreground tree.


View from central Bigfoot toward the swamp. Doesn’t get old.


Bigfoot’s off season caretaker Empty Promises wonders what all the commotion is outside. “Oh it’s you baker b. Keep your shirt on!” I tell him he’s one to talk.


This is something I decided to do today: remove the shiny bridge (stadium bleacher from PoRA) spanning the Bigfoot swamp-stream issuing from Mina Sauk Pool below the intake pipe and haul it up to Secondary. That way plants trying to sprout underneath it can grow unimpeded and have solar access.


Secondary from the other side of First Barrier (just making these names up as I type this!).


Found LaCrosse ball on 2nd Road just down from Secondary.


Heading back down the hill from Secondary toward the swamp again, taking a snapshot into the “Barrier Wilds”. I actually think I had a name for this banded bramble of bushes before. Hafta check that…


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