Bigfoot Revisited 04

I don’t remember stacking this pile of broken branches here, which means other people have visited Bigfoot since last fall. But that’s okay, I suppose.



Intake pipe from across the swamp.


Stream flowing out of Bigfoot Swamp down to Leola Creek, which can be seen through the trees in the background. Remember how fascinated I was with Leola Creek last year? It runs through the entirety of the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. I’ll start exploring that region again soon, I would think, as summer heat kicks in.



East of the swamp now, between it and Leola, we find this more interesting uprooted tree…


… and then right beside it a “Holey” Tree.


The Greater Bigfoot Area has a number of paths running different directions, including this one, here passing between two low mounds. I’ll attempt to make a map of the area soon.


A bridge across Leola Creek I found last fall that could allow easier access into Bigfoot. I’ll have to wait until the leaves are out a little more to use it, however… can still be spotted from neighboring apt. houses while crossing at this time.


Side stream near the bridge. The orange object behind the central rock looks suspiciously like a cheetah head in my eyes. A small bunny hopped out in front of me at about the same spot as I headed back to the swamp. Very cute.


Another path leading to the east baseball field of the Plateau of Raw Art, and one I used up until very recently to access the swamp from a kind of “back door”. However, poison ivy is now sprouting in some number along this path, closing it off for the season. I have to come in through the front door for a while.


A very orange stream running through the heart of Greater Bigfoot, as yet unnamed. Orange Stream is, I suppose, a logical choice. Orangey?



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