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Other aspects:

The Bramble: A corridor of thicker vegetation pictured in the very center of the map and paralleling/overlapping the Intake Stream flow for Bigfeet Swamp (see below). The Bramble begins at 4th Road and runs downhill all the way to 1st Road, where it ends in The Hollow (not labelled). The Caves, individually named Holey and Unholey, are on the upper side of The Hollow. This is where Taum Sauk made his winter camp. In fact, I’m pretty sure he still lives there. Perhaps soon he’ll make a visit to Chesterton just uphill to see what all the new excitement in Bigfoot is about. I’m sure he’ll be an honored guest.

The Bramble quite effectively protects Chesterton from northern incursions. In fact, it’s about at its densest here. I’ve not attempted to get through it to span the two parts of 2nd Road. Might be possible in the winter, but I’m not betting on it because of the presence of a good number of briar plants.

Mina’s Pool: You can spot this small body of water if you look at the lower part of The Bramble and head right. It lies at the lowest end of Intake Stream. Named, of course, after Taum Sauk’s recently deceased wife (who lives on as a spirit?), this is where she drowned sometime before or during the October 2015 Bigfoot happening while attempting to “float like a boat.” That’s about all the information I have about the tragedy presently. Mina’s Pool represents a popular spot for bird baths. It is also home to salamanders and frogs… not sure about fish (hafta check).


Intake Stream: In ways, the spine of Bigfoot as a whole, passing underneath all 4 forest roads before emptying into Bigfeet Swamp at Mina’s Pool. Each road except the 4th has a square cement slab marking the place of its underground passage. Many mysteries remain unsolved about the true nature of this stream, and, in fact, all other streams of Bigfoot, including…

Outtake Stream: I prefer to think of this as a separate stream from Intake, although you could obviously make the case that they are one and the same. Outtake Stream emerges from a pipe leading to Bigfeet Swamp to create another, smaller pool in comparison to Mina’s Pool, which remains unnamed. It takes about 50 more feet for the stream to merge with Leola Creek, running past a prominent stone known as Point Rock. Outtake Stream is not considered a part of Leola Creek’s “Safe Zone” mentioned before. Explorers of this flow can fairly clearly be seen by house and apartment dwellers on the opposite side of Leola Creek. Needless to say I haven’t walked down there that much during my many Bigfoot visits. Too risky in general.

Orangie Stream: Another important stream of Bigfoot, and emptying into Leola Creek on the opposite side of its Safe Zone from Outtake Stream. The flow is noted for its intense orange color, perhaps properly defined as leachate.

Hmm… this just came up third in a pertinent google search list for “Blue Mountain high school built on landfill”. Chesterton again (!).

I was trying to determine if the site of the old Blue Mtn. high school, now the Plateau of Raw Art, was formerly a town dump of some kind, explaining the orange color of Orangie draining from its eastern side.

Orangie also may be named Tiger, an orange cat. Some might also call it Cheetah or Cheeto, although that appellation seems to apply more to…

Cheetah Stream: … another small water flow just to the east and north of Orangie. Cheetah starts somewhere near the mouth of Orangie. In fact, if it weren’t for its clear nature, I might guess it’s a continuation of the same flow. Cheetah empties into Leola Creek near the southern tip of The Island, at the Bigfoot side of The Bridge already discussed in the post before this. It is named for an illusion of a cheetah head caught in one of my May photos, discussed here.

The Tigers: 2 conjoined construction barrels on the edge of 4th Road that act as a prominent landmark for Bigfoot. Possessed by spirits, the barrels are known to have the ability to turn into actual tigers, or at least toy avatar representations. A 3rd Tiger (construction barrel) is embedded within Bigfeet Swamp. He/she/it is known as The Wanderer, or The Detached. Something.

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