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There are several paths that lead into and out of Bigfoot. Let’s start with the main path in, which is the one I mostly use in the summer. It’s really cool — you park your car quite legally at a lot just to the west of the Plateau of Raw Art and then walk above and to the south of it on one of those old logging roads that are multitudinous within the area. The path crests about 1/2way between the parking lot and Bigfoot. At that time the walker may be close to 200 feet above the level of the plateau, so quite a bit up from it. Rare is the day when I use this path that skateboarders aren’t present at the old high school tennis courts below, along with their constant slapping and rolling sounds. But it doesn’t bother me that much, despite my condition…

At the upper right of the map you can see where this Main Path intersects Bigfoot at its southwest corner, or at the southern end of 4th Road. Just into the field to the left as you enter, you find this mysterious blue circle adorning a cement slab. LINK

At this point one has a choice to follow either 4th Road or South Path down into the heart of Bigfoot. South Path represents a much steeper descent directly to the Bigfeet Swamp past the southern edges of 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and then 1st Road to end. You can use 1st Road to access Bigfoot Proper now, following either an eastern or western navigation around the swamp. I do not generally go down to Leola Creek from 1st Road through the set of stairs on the southeastern side of Bigfeet Swamp when I first arrive at Bigfoot, but you also have that option here.

If one instead uses 4th Road to access Bigfoot Proper, you head north until close to its end near the old school track and then turn right on what I’m also terming a “Main Path” on the above map. Maybe I should change the first such named path I’ve mentioned to *Crest Path*. Anyway, once again you cross 3rd, 2nd, and 1st roads to reach Bigfoot Proper, except when you reach 1st Road from this direction, you’re already basically on the edge of Bigfoot Proper according to present definitions. Again, BP is the yellow highlighted area in the lower central part of the above map.

And more recently formed and still fainter paths can take you from 4th Road down to Chesterton on Second Road (yellow highlighted square more in the upper central part of the map) and ultimately to Vincente on First Road.

Before the poison ivy comes out in the spring (and after it retreats in the fall), one can also access Bigfoot from the nearest of two old baseball fields, following a path that runs behind the scoreboard and drops into the area north of the swamp. This is the path I’ve marked with “closed for summer” on the right hand side of the map.

From the north and south directions, there are no easy ways into Bigfoot — no paths to mention. This certainly helps protect the area from visitors. Practically speaking, to access Bigfoot you have to use paths coming down from the Plateau of Raw Area to the west or those coming across Leola Creek to the east.

So let’s deal with those eastern accesses. When the water of Leola Creek reaches a certain low level, you can cross the creek into Bigfoot through stepping stones at specific places. Not many, but I at least know one fording place of this nature, which would come in the area I’ve labelled “Safe Zone” in the lower center of the Bigfoot map. I applied this name to a small span of Leola here because it is out of a direct viewing line of house and apt. dwellers to the north and south. I can hop and play on the numerous rocks in this zone knowing that my silliness is probably not going to be observed.

Another, longer way you can access Bigfoot from the east is across a log or fallen tree bridge seen on the extreme lower right of the map. First you have to reach the island we only see the southern tip of at this bridge, an easy hike from apartments on that side. The island doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s the only legitimate geographic feature of its kind within Greater Bigfoot; all other “islands” in the creek are basically just moss and plant bedecked rocks that I’m recalling.

So you carefully walk across the log, hop the stream I’m calling Cheetah 2 times, and then while continuing to head south you have to also leap across Orangie Stream (rename this Tiger Stream?) to reach the swamp, once more. Coming from the direction of Bigfoot, you can also use this bridge to access the whole Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape which lies just to the east. Nifty.

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