Bigfoot Map 01

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Classic seeming map of Bigfoot above. Future maps, when they come, will perhaps be of similar proportions in terms of an overall cropping. Both Chesterton and Bigfoot Proper (yellowed on map) will deserve more detailed looks. Interesting tension forming between the two. Reminds me of rivalry between my self created virtual towns of Pietmond and Teepot in 2010-2012. What community gets what object? What toys are more identified with one or the other? How do the marble races — actualized for Bigfoot Proper and hypothesized for Chesterton (more on that very soon) — differ between the two? Although both are on old forest roads, the communities contrast in other ways. It’s good to have this tension through natural rivalry. Helps each grow and define itself better. Bigfoot Proper will never go away as long as Bigfoot is around. Nor will Chesterton. And what of little Vincente between them now? Will a beach form there, accessible to both bergs?

To present details of the map [enlarge]:

Well, let’s start with those communities. You can spot yellow outlined Bigfoot Proper next to Bigfeet Swamp in the lower center of the map. The two shapes within, circle and square, stand for its spool table and metal chair respectively, both heavily featured in the Bigfoot Art Happening last fall. LINK Notice on the map that north is to the right instead of at the top. This means that Bigfoot Proper lies on the north side of the swamp. Again, Bigfeet Swamp got its name through an influential 1998 survey, which determined it is about 100 feet long, which became a “big number of feet” and then just “bigfeet”. The name Bigfoot for the overall area stems from Bigfeet, then. Before this, Bigfoot Proper was called Middle Game (and before that Iron or Irontown or Ironton).

Vincente (on west side of Bigfeet Swamp, or upper side on the above map), lies between Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton, forming almost a right angle with the two. It may be older than Bigfoot Proper. Then again, Chesterton may be older than either Vincente or Bigfoot Proper. But in hypertime, it doesn’t really matter at the bottom. All form “at once”. Vincente remains the smallest of the three by a considerable margin. The name comes from painter Vincent van Gogh in a convoluted way involving a resident of Utah’s Brian Head that I befriended at a temporary job in Middletown about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, we haven’t kept up with each other. Like Ironton Missouri, Brian Head Utah lies within an Iron County, one of four such named counties in the U.S. (Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin). Iron is associated with Bigfoot Proper especially because of the presence of a full golfing iron there when I first visited it in September of last year. From this grew the legend that BP was originally known for its iron smelting, hence its original names.

Vincente may have been the site of the Middle Game high school. Did kids from both Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton attend? Or did these larger communities have their own schools? I’m guessing the former, at least for a time. The Middle Game name also refers to the middle position of Vincente between the two, then.

Chesterton is highlighted in yellow above Vincente, in the upper central part of the map. The pressure cooker seeming pot is symbolized as a circle within. The top of the pressure cooker originally appeared in Bigfoot Proper, built when it was known as one of the “Irons”. A second iron, only a head this time, was moved into Bigfoot Proper at one point, procured from the Plateau of Raw Art (far upper part of above map). Only the very lower part of this plateau is shown on the map. It is not part of Bigfoot but remains separate. It is essentially a less visited community park of Blue Mountain now, skateboarders being the most frequent guests. Some people also walk their dogs there, or lob baseballs around in the old fields or run around the track and stadium stairs for replenishing exercise. I’d say 10-15 people visit a day.

The four forest roads of Bigfoot are also marked. First Road comes close to surrounding the swamp, with a gap between Bigfoot Proper and Vincente where the intake stream’s pipe comes down from Plateau of Raw Art. BigFoot Proper lies on First Road, at the northern edge of the swamp as stated. 2nd Road lies above (elevation-wise) and west of First Road. Chesterton is on this road. For this and other reasons Bigfoot Proper is sometimes dubbed First Town and Chesterton Second Town. But this is mainly done by those from Bigfoot Proper, who are biased about the importance of their town relative to a primary rival. Bigfoot Proper as a whole is still seething that Chesterton stole (and enlarged) their smelting plant. “You have the spool table still,” counters Chesterton as a whole, in turn. Bigfoot Proper scowls and starts its usual spiel about its advantages, blah blah blah. Chesterton shoots back that it is more long term and naturally evolving. It also touts itself as more hidden and also more central. Little Vincente tries to speak but cannot be heard above the shouting of its “parents”. “Blah blah blah”. Well, “blah blah blah!”. That’s what it all sounds to Vincente’s peewee ears; makes him want to hack ’em off, or at least the one turned in their direction. The other is listening to reason.


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