Bigfoot Early Mid July 01

We had a terrible wind storm the other day here in Blue Mtn., with many trees knocked down. Yet when I returned to Bigfoot the next day, I believe, my two little tiger figurines I had set on a small rock were still standing! I was amazed; I thought they’d be blown clear across Leola Creek to parts unknown. The forest and also plateau above them must have acted as a buffer. But even then the wind couldn’t have been that severe here… the storm must have largely passed Chesterton over somehow. And, in fact, I didn’t see any fallen branches in Bigfoot either that I noticed. Hmm…


Two new objects I imported into Chesterton this same day.


Down at Bigfeet Swamp now, I’d been meaning to take a picture of this broken cement slab near the southeast corner of 1st Road for a while now. Obviously use to be square shaped. Now broken fairly cleanly down a central diagonal. Like a broken locket?


Bigfoot Proper: I simply could not choose what objects needed to be moved up to Chesterton and what needed to stay here. So I made no large decisions this day on that matter. But we definitely have two sides of a balance in terms of Chesterton vs. Bigfoot Proper. Like black and white rocks. Like a marriage of some kind. Yin and yang, perhaps.


More Bigfoot Proper objects… for now. Speaking of yin/yang, one thing I believe that definitely belonged in Chesterton from Bigfoot Proper was that old “iron smelting plant” which actually was the top of a pressure cooker, it seems. I’ll tell more of its story down the line. I’m not sure exactly *how* the 3 main parts of the pressure cooker got back together (!). More broken pieces, that have been reunited in this case: bottom, sides, top.


A continuing theme for this post: broken or fractured rock found near Orangie Creek north of the swamp.


Another unusual “rock” nearby. I’ll have to take a closer look at this one soon.


A plastic cup and some kind of spray can embedded in the banks of Orangie. They partially inherited its color.


We move to the extreme west of Bigfoot for these next 3 pictures, including a cement decoration that I could barely budge. No way I could get it back to the swamp, let alone Chesterton uphill.


Unusual rock path along Leola Creek wedged between what I’m defining as Bigfoot and the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. I want to talk to the creator! But, then again, I don’t want to attract attention to myself via Bigfoot in any way, beyond the cloaking mythology of this blog.


Another object found near the cement decoration mentioned just above. This would be next to the northern edge of The Island, which I’ll have to take more pictures of soon as well. This Snow White shaped dispenser *did* make it back to Chesterton. Probably contained a fabric whitening product originally.


Snow White, eh? And I even found a kind of two staired platform for her to stand on at another part of The Island. During windier times, she can fit into that hole between the two stairs for protection.


The Chesterton “downtown” is also developing as well. I’m sure at least a handful of toy avatars will call it home soon. I’m thinking Lisa the Vegetarian should number among ’em. We’ll see. I rolled that tire in the background down from the Plateau of Raw Art this same day. It was just waiting there for me on the old high school track when I arrived; not present before. I’m seeing it as maybe a sports stadium for Chesterton. What will the attached sports mascots be? Tigers? Cheetas? (Goldfish?)


A small “forest” of plants more in northern Chesterton. I think it should be deemed a park. You can see Wireway 61 on the lower right of the picture.


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