Bigfoot 05/10/16

I’ve been calling the more clear place on Second Road Secondary for now, but I may change the name to Chester, partially after orangey Chester the Cheetah, mascot for world famous, multi-billion dollar corporation Cheetos, most noted for their cheese puffs. My favorite snack food of all time (just kidd’n). Anyway, these 3 lined up, orange-ish mushrooms reminded me of the kind of similarly colored 3 Chesters now in Newtown Hollow Square, Collagesity.


Chester residence?



There are also some interesting “native” rocks in the immediate area. I may make a detailed map of all this soon enough. I’ll probably return to Bigfoot this weekend.


When I googled “Cheetahs” + “high school” in an image search, the below came up near the top of the list. Lacrosse again, resonant with the same sport ball in the Chester region. Kind of synchy, no?


Plainfield is identified as the oldest community in Will County because the earliest settlement of Walkers’ Grove was established on the banks of the DuPage River by 1828. However, the actual Village of Plainfield was platted immediately north of Walkers’ Grove in 1834 by Chester Ingersoll. The separate community of East Plainfield was platted in June 1836 by James Mathers who began selling lots in July 1836.

And Chester there again (Plainfield’s founder/platterer). Plainfield is also pretty near Joliet and Romeo(ville), in a *Will* County. It’s also said to be, per wikipedia, the oldest community in this county.

More area rocks:



Bigfoot greenery.


A nearby, painfully yellow softball surrounded by poison ivy.


Breeze block. Now I just need a bit of old bone and I can fantasize up anything (Black Books reference).


Nearby, additional Bigfoot rocks:


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