(joined in progress)

“… I wanted to be a seed but instead The Table was born.”


Hucka D. will come in later. I hear the Lesser Table will come before the Greater Table. Did I hear right?


I suppose so. That would be the line from Dark Side of the Rainbow, the seed of sorts — what I mean there for the seed is the Rainbow *Complex*.


Cool. I know what you mean. And SID’s 1st Oz is the endpoint of the Lesser. Well… you better get to it. Maps is over.


I realized something about Arkansas and Opal and Waters to Pine Ridge. That it was a transition from Barrett and his Dark Star and the “a” to the end of Waters’ “Music From The Body” and the long tile “b”. “A” to “b”. Give Birth to a Smile. “C” and “d” are Queen and then Tull is “e” to end it [SID’s 1st Oz]. Tull is Tyle throughout the whole thing. Silver Cord. That’s a big [Arkansas] clue. And then Rubi and Silver in [Mont.] Co, just like Dorothy’s silver slippers in the book were changed to red in the movie(s).

Something about the Sylver Forest changing/condensing into the Rubi Woods…

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