Bigfoot Late May 02

Looking across Bigfeet Swamp from a location on its banks I’ve been calling Vincent. I’ll have to make a new map of the area soon and scan it for this blog.


Fallen branches, like they were laid there as a message.


More interesting stuff: 4th Road seems to be freer of branches since my last visit, and can more safely be used as part of the path circling around the swamp. It’s like someone came through here and cleared it out a bit. Given that something I hid under a rock was subsequently extracted and put in the middle of the path I use to access Bigfoot, there may be more oddness going on here. Are “forces” telling me where to create paths (etc.)? Could be.


Besides balls, there are also lots of interesting rocks in Bigfoot, this one found on 4th Road on the Bigfeet Swamp banks opposite Bigfoot Proper.


Other side of the Bigfeet Swamp outtake, which I can’t comfortably access in the late fall/winter/early spring. Now that the leaves are fully out I am considerably more protected from prying eyes and can risk a photo.


In the past, someone has created these stepping stones up to the swamp. The path has probably been forgotten over time — only I may know about it now. But it’s interesting that the swamp might have been more visited before my arrival.



The outtake of the swamp quickly reaches Leola Creek, which also runs through the heart of my Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape and acts as its spine or backbone.


I’ve now identified a small area of Leola Creek just west of the swamp that can safely be accessed in warmer months. More on that soon, but I’ll leave you with some pictures of rocks in this “safe zone”.





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