Bigfoot Late May 01

I believe these are little salamanders in Mina Sauk Pool (or Mina’s Pool) at Bigfoot. Nifty. Wonder what percentage will live to adulthood? Probably not that big a chunk.


A prominent, partly moss covered rock on a mudbar at the pool, surrounded by buttercups.


The seemingly unusual outtake of Bigfeet Swamp again, standing ever-picturesque.


As my readers probably have grasped now, there are many kinds of sports balls to be found in and around Bigfoot. Here’s a football.


Perhaps the biggest news ’round Bigfoot this spring is the foothold of another “community” in the area. Right now I’m calling it Chester. LINK The centerpiece so far is some kind of larger pot or container found at the Plateau of Raw Art recently, seen here in the distance. A new Bigfoot path, which I can walk in the summer, has been traced to its former location below the old high school track. Preliminary name: Picked Out Trail.




Chester is on 3rd road, if we count the 4th road as the one almost encircling the swamp. It represents one of the most tucked away portions of Bigfoot as a whole. I’m not sure Chester will be further developed this spring/summer, but the potential is there. Will I soon move in marbles? toys? more junk? We’ll see.

Below we look into “The Bramble” protecting Chester from northern incursions. And 3rd Road is rather clogged with fallen pine branches and trunks in the other direction, so more barriers. Difficult to see anyone happening upon this place by accident.


Back at Mina’s Pool or Mina Pool: More plants on a pebbly beach.


I almost stepped on this snake walking around the swamp. Garter snake — very common here in Blue Mountain and one I run across frequently. Not a large snake and quite unscary.


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