Baker Bloch…

… is set to reclaim his old home next to the Rubi Woods. But does he want to?



In other news, Carrcassonnee has proposed to the rest of my virtual family that Real Life Bigfoot and Second Lyfe Collagesity sort of join forces in moving forward. I, of course, find myself asking how this would work, but in a larger picture, ignoring the details for now, it makes perfect sense. Both Bigfoot and Collagesity, at least in its Second Lyfe incarnation, have limited lives, maybe 5-6 years each. Maybe 7-8. Both, as entities unto themselves, are wondering about a next step to solidify their already established value. Bigfoot has seemingly replaced Whitehead Crossing as a woodsy focus for me. I find myself returning to Bigfoot again and again lately, while The Crossing seems to drain me if I visit it in turn. I think I’m drawing energy from the former’s close proximity to civilization and The Blue Mountain Urban Landscape. While still pretty close to me distance-wise, Whitehead X-ing is quite removed from same, and depends more on *alien* energy which has probably retreated. And, after all, Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing are also intimately tied, it seems, in a kind of alpha-omega relationship concerning this. The former moves close…


… while the latter steps backwards into shadow.

How does it work? Maybe we better just ask Carrcassonnee…


“Hi Jim. Nice night tonight.”

“You may pass.”

“Um, thanks.”


Baker walks up Cannon Street into the meat of Collagesity. He pauses to poke around the newest town structure a bit: the old Norris Temple, which doubles as the town rocket launcher.


In all likelihood, this is at least the *space* in the town where the projected, new collages (Bogota series) will be exhibited. Perhaps not this particular building, but on this spot. And it is here that Collagesity and Bigfoot must unite as well, with cursory explorations in this direction already begun with the appearance of Chester in Old New Town, currently derezzed.

Baker wonders how this could be accomplished. The idea of making a “life size” replica of Bigfoot Swamp and surrounding roads crossed his mind, but he dismissed it as being too literal an interpretation, kind of like the error colleges do when they attempt to exactly recreate their real life campus and buildings on their Second life land. Second Life is not really about replicating what we have in real life, although that has its slot. It is instead mainly about the creation of the *new*, or should be. Collagesity looks little like a town in real life. It’s really a collection of gallery buildings in the main, but each building has a story.

Ah, Baker has finally gotten around to Carrcassonnee’s gazebo, speaking of buildings.


Ah, Baker. Have a seat. You’re here to discuss the merger. Chester will be joining us. Do you want one of his cheese snacks. They’re quite tasty. Thank you Chester.


“What’s with the dog,” Chester responds in a cool, bass voice. “What’s with the numbers?”


That’s Spider, my brother from another mother. The numbers reflect a mystery. The mystery of 2130. Come to think of it, Baker, we never resolved that mystery.




Ummm. Can’t remember. I went into the 2130 corridor with Starbuccanneer Barista, I believe. We saw a picture.


Do you remember the picture? It could be important.


Yes. It was about MessiaenSphere.


This Friday, you will visit your own mama. What will happen?


Probably just read this here blog again.


Will you?





What of your old home? Will you reclaim it?


As you know, Baker Blinker plans a bit of a retreat herself, along with Karoz. In fact, let’s say they’re on a retreat. Maybe somewhere near the Kerchal forest. Possibly Nautilus City.


I know the answer but I’m not telling[ presently].


So, yes, I might reclaim the home, if Baker Blinker wishes to turn it over.



And then there’s Dr. Mulholland to deal with now. Another move more toward Real Life from Second Lyfe.


Well that’s true. She seems to accomplish stuff that Baker Blinker couldn’t.


They’re Hidi and Lodi, but you are more a Hidi person. Lodi must retreat back into shadow. That’s another joining. But there’s still the purse involved. Blinks gave the doctor back her purse, which was hers all along.


I suppose that could be true.


The passing of the purse. Waking up. Dr. Mulholland opens her eyes to Mulholland Dr. Open the box.


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