Blue Feather, White Tower

An unparalleled period of expansion has arrived for Collagesity, given all the extra prims we have now (1.5 times the former amount!!). 1st comes an upgrade for the Blue Feather club, giving it several extra, large rooms and platforms. Baker Blinker and Karoz can now stay in the Blue Feather along with Wheeler — more on that soon.

Then this morning I’m playing around with adding the White Tower to the eastern part of town, but in a different place than when I experimented with the idea before there.

Much excitement to come. There will be only so much I can do on the ground. Then we’ll have to move to the sky for more fun and development!

Blue Feather (foreground), White Tower (background).

Blue Feather.





“What do you think, Jim?” asks Baker Bloch.

“Yes, there’ll be that.”

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