Karoz Blogger: Go to Mars

Wheeler orders Karoz to return to Mars via this Okinu rocketship discovered several years back by the Baker family.


Lemons? This is a Linden build but older powers could be active here. Okinu is one queerly cool sim, after all, with an interesting history dating back even toward the beginning of My Second Lyfe. Sometime, maybe 2011 or 2012 (hafta check), Okinu got a complete makeover from its former 100% water status to become part of the new Sea of Secundus, dotted with islands such as the one the rocketship sits upon. The meaningful glyphs were eradicated in the transformation. Shame. But maybe they live on in a manner through the ship and the faraway world it leads to. To Karoz, this was Mars. He’s been 3 times. The great 3-n-1. However, Wheeler is now saying it *isn’t* Mars, but to check the 2 Saturns in the sky still. One of them — the real one, she says — can be used as a conduit to deeper space. Maybe going all the way to Muff-Bermingham.



Spool table. Makes Karoz think of Wheeler and her circular ways. How’s *his* finger?


As before, he activates a ramp to access the ship’s interior.


Captain’s seat. Usually he just has to sit here and the ship auto-launches, but the thing isn’t working today. Luckily Karoz is a scripting genius, and after several minutes has it ready to go.


Several more minutes brings him to the surface of his Mars once again. Ahh, the cool breeze entering the ship, the smell of napalm. He’s home? At least that’s what he thought the first time he visited. Now circumstances seem to have changed.


The two Saturns. But which one is the conduit?



Linden flag. Maybe that’s all it is: a Linden build. With no lingering effects of the queer Okinu glyphs to be found. At any rate, the eye would tell all.


Careful Karoz! But he and Sumpter are good buds now. “How are you doing Sumpty?” he asks while passing by her lair. Sumpty telepathically relays back that she’s doing quite fine this day, and that the new eggs will be hatching next week. Good ol’ Sumpty. Karoz will come back to visit her even if this turns out not to be Mars. Friendship matters.


Karoz spots the eye. Now he’ll get to the heart of the matter.


They talk — Karoz and the eye — for quite some time, perhaps half an hour. But Karoz goes away with the impression that the deity is not a healthy one of its species, unlike the eye that *use* to be married to Carrcassonnee. For one thing, she didn’t even know of Perch… or his cousin Pincushion Head. Yet Carrcassonnee has stated several times that all eyes know each other, as well as everything else about the universe. Thus the “all seeing” title often applied to them. This particular eye wouldn’t even divulge her true name. “Ask Sumpty sometime,” is all she could manage. Karoz went away feeling a lack, an absence, a void. “No, this is not Mars,” he finally says in higher understanding.




He better get back to Collagesity and prepare a report for Wheeler while memories are fresh.


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