Karoz received a surprise tonight. Arriving at the Blue Feather for his weekly beating…


… he was instead led around the top floor’s fighting ring (Squared Circle) by Wheeler…


…and down to the intermediate level with The Table.

They paused here at the stairs. “Up. Up up up you go, Karoz. This is your place now. With me, at The Table.”


“Well, get out of my way,” Karoz demanded playfully. “If I’m going to go up with you and all.”

“You lead,” said Wheeler in turn. [delete 1 sentence]

“Sit there,” she continued after reaching The Table. “Beside Curled Paper. Directly opposite me. This is your place,” she repeated.


“Nice,” said Karoz. They sit.


“So I think I have everybody now. Curled Paper will be the meeting note taker. Dr. Blood can sit beside me over here. Same with Spongeberg. Then Lemon Bar Jack… did I tell you about Lemon Bar?”

“No,” Karoz responded.

“Well… later. Lemon Bar will sit… actually I’ll let him sit next to me instead of either Spongeberg or Dr. Blood. And then we have… well, I’m counting and I think that’s it. So we actually have room for 2 more.”

“Cool,” says Karoz. “Page? Plant? Zappa?”

“Elton John?” Wheeler continued in the same vein. “McCartney? David Lynch? Jack Nicholson? The list goes on.”

“Who am I?” asks Karoz. But he knew the answer as soon as he voiced the question.

“You’ve always been SoSo,” reinforces a knowing Wheeler. “Ever since you became Aqua Teen beyond precious Aquamarine. The Lindens came and took away your mother to the Lapis and the Lazuli. Split; schizophrenic. Sapphire was no more. You met Peter. You *are* Peter. Peter SoSo. You’ve always been Peter.”

Karoz takes another sip of wine. Refreshing.


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