Life on Mars 01

Baker Bloch and his dog traveled many miles into the Martian landscape before coming upon this more interesting raised terrace with several structures. It’s the first real proof Baker found for Life on Mars.



Unfortunately the only residents of this plateau were dancing automatons. No contact made — quite yet.


Baker pressed on. 15K to the north north west he found the Jacksboro base, which turned out to be more lucrative.


A cave attracted his attention. He’s found in his experiences that holes often contain answers to puzzles, riddles, and cyphers. This would include holes on their sides.



It looked like a dry run at first. Baker scanned the computer screen in the cave station but found only Second Life animation (again).


He then explored the main Jacksboro station next to the cave, composed of 6 connected pods and a central greenhouse. Baker Bloch knew one thing: this was really and actually Mars he was on now. As well as all of Collagesity.


But this might not have been the most astounding thing he determined today. Someone appeared at the pod door.


“Jesus Christ, Old Grey! How the heck did *you* get here? I haven’t seen you since I was 8, I suppose.”


“Yes, I’m Old Grey. said the woman Baker Bloch thought of as his wet nurse. But I’m also someone else. Don’t you know me boy?”


Baker thought hard and deep before making a guess. He now additionally remembered summers in Paris, skiing in the Alps, and dinner at Andre’s.


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