Off Nautilus City Island 01

Wheeler wasn’t having much luck aqua-circumnavigating the isle of Nautilus City as herself so she decided to change back into Wilson for better focus. When she attempts to stand up after sitting on these square pillars straddling the southern boundary of the water sim Doria….


… and enters some kind of in-between dimension…


… she knew she was on the right track again. Trail of Weirdness found.

In Cevera to the immediate west of Doria, Wilson then finds a great wall not uncovered by Baker Bloch on his extensive explorations of the seas surrounding Nautilus back in ’08. Perhaps it has been added in the meantime. But it’s a pretty big’un: the exposed part by itself is 87 meters long, as Wilson is finding out right now while checking behind herself for the purposes of me writing this blog post. I don’t know how Baker Bloch could have missed it in his own kind of aqua-circumnavigation around Nautilus City island at the time, but perhaps he did. One more mystery to add to a growing list, however, and more to come. Oh yes.


Typical hilltop vegetation in the Nautilus City seas.


Returning to Doria, Baker then finds an avatar which is present and not present at once. Again, as Wilson is checking behind herself right now, she is rather surprised to find out the person is missing from this old rusted railroad trolley gracing the seafloor. But her pictures and information remain logged. The name?: Doreena. Much like the sim she then inhabited: Doria. Wilson noted the coincidence at the time and moved on. She would return soon enough after finding another, similar ghost avatar in Cevera.

As you can see below, this ghostly presence, while just a white mist to the naked eye, still casts a shadow. Pretty spooky.



In the same low canyon as Doreena (later christened the Dor Canyon, building on the coincidence about the same 3 letters starting the names Doreena and Doria mentioned before), we have a collection of old barrels apparently containing some kind of toxic waste, mix in a couple of washing machines and also a stop sign. Four fish skeletons are found to the side.


Doreena’s trolley can be seen in the background.


Giant green head of Poseidon stumbled upon in Villaamill northeast of Doria, I believe.


About the only useful information I could find in Doreena’s Second Life profile is that she belonged to a group called The Queendom of Gaia, described as being part of the Tiny Empires Realm of Gaia. The group profile furthers states: “Gaia joins friendly people from all over the world and every walk of life in mutual respect for all life and enjoyment of the game. As such, cruelty has no part in our discourse. Our chat group is PG. Sabotage is discouraged so please don’t since we are all about generosity and friendship . No in-house recruiting, spamming or advertising. All in-house, inter-line changes must go through the Queen. Thank you :)”

But it’s interesting that Wilson then finds a cage at each of the 2 locations she uncovered associated with the group. Is this “queen” perhaps a bit more sinister than she’s letting on? Is it another coincidence that Doreena was apparently *trapped*, at least for a good number of hours, within the Doria trolley somewhat resembling a prison cell with its overarching suspension bars? Maybe not.


More Nautilus seas decoration.


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