Off Nautilus City Island 03

This is Wilson’s kelp grove base in Doria, tentatively called Kelpington.


In looking at the online map of Nautilus City earlier today, I discover the word “Dora” advertised on the southern side, and almost immediately south of the Doria sim and its formerly imprisoned Doreena. Notice that the letters of “Dora” are also the same four letters shared between names Doria and Doreena. Coincidence? In all probability: no. At least in terms of overarching meaning.


Hucka Doobie has told me that this peninsula projecting from the northeast corner of the island city also has deeper meaning. Hmm. Doria would be just to its northwest.


Then northwest of the Doria sim, in Fruugoof, Wilson comes across this fairly large city of structures, or what appears to be a city of some sort. Dominating the landscape is a very tall castle. In fact, it’s twinned with two other, similar sized castles just to the back.

But as Wilson is checking now, all the castles are gone (!)….


… along with this cave below the one closest to Doria that Wilson had high hopes for.


Because, you see, when she entered it and looked around at the 8 stations inside surrounding a central pool of blood, she realized this may be Table energy in action again. The Wheeler within surfaced and began to machinate. “Maybe *this* is where I could summon the needed 8th player at our table,” she thought. “Zappa or whoever it is.”


“Then I could have ultimate power indeed.”



But it was not to be, apparently. Good news for all of Collagesity, it seems. The door into ultimate power was only a tease.



Wilson spies Doreena’s trolley and nearby, leaking barrels from a castle window.


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