Off Nautilus City Island 04

Shot of the Doria barrels (etc.) with maximum particle count upped to 2048 in Wilson’s graphics preferences. Quite a bit more spew now.


In Cervana — again just west of Doria — Wilson then discovers another ghost avatar, this one a male going by the name Cerdunkyrk. Yes, this means that *Dor*ia has a single ghost avatar named *Dor*eena, and *Cer*vana has a similarly lone one called *Cer*dunkyrk. It would be difficult to make this up. Weirdness afoot and clomping!


Cerdunkyrk casts a shadow too, but smaller and circular.


But he indeed turns out to be quite humanoid, like Wilson will soon confirm the same about neighboring Doreena positioned 175 meters west-northwest, using the handy “show collision skeleton” optional display for avatars from the develop menu. Wilson also knows he’s wearing a tunic and a sword.


Collision skeletons, Wilson to left and Cerdunkyrk to right.


Then Wilson takes a look at the collision skeleton of Doreena. Quite human again, one could speculate from this.


And clearly female.


Yet another collision skeleton is discovered near the lower border of Doria, but with no accompanying ghost this time. I just found it looking around the area.

And as I’ve been writing this post, Wilson has uncovered that Doreena has returned to her trolley! Also, a very important link has been found between the 2 ghosts: both are members of The Queendom of Gaia group. I’ll have to explore that obviously important development in another post.


Blue Salazar Jack Gnome implores Wilson to keep digging for mysteries!


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