Nautilus Waters 01

‘Nother Poseidon statue, this one sans head and buried up to his navel in sand.


Amazing jellyfish habitat in the Nautilus sea’s western regions (de Ruyter).



Several small, grassy islands of the western region.



We move to the South Sea for this picture of a more substantial island hosting a small campfire and little else. Nonetheless, it represents the second largest island of the Nautilus Seas excepting the city island itself. I’d estimate the size at about 7500 square meters. This would be in the Howe sim. Interesting place; go visit sometime!


Not the least because of this stunning underwater cave just off its north tip.



Cave seen from a distance.


Array of hilltop objects (bones, kelp, rib cage), with shadow of shark.


Multiple schools of fish in a coral reed, also from the South Sea.


Same kind of fish, 3 different colors.


More fish.



We return to the North Sea for the next couple of pics. Wilson has theorized that the below skull and proximate ring may be none other than that of Doreena the Princess Warrior herself, slaughtered in a battle with an unknown foe.


Perhaps with this sword. I’ll get into more of that unexpected development asap.


Avatar sitting on a prim depicting two bird shooting motorcyclists. This is, of course, a still from the legendary British sci fi comedy series Red Dwarf. You did know that, didn’t you? It’s cleverly positioned within the Hipper rez zone of the North Sea. The avatar merely rezzed the prim and then sat on it to keep it from derezzing. He can sit there as long as he likes. However, upon standing up the prim would instantly vanish.


2 fallen Poseidon statues in Sicorathi of the western seas. Impressive, once more.


Standing Poseidons guarding the Nautilus City harbor about 3 sims east. These are about 2x the height of the ones in Sicorathi.


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