Cer Big

Old Dor again.


And now… introducing Cer Big. Yes, we get our first real look at the man behind the woman (!). He just showed up today as a full avatar — no longer a mist being like before.


His profile picture with different hair looks suspiciously like Wheeler.


His listed groups suspiciously contain the string “alli” over and over, first in Alli and Ali (Designs), then Harper (G*alli*)’s Midnight Mania Shoppers, then TE3K *Alli*ance of Serenity. That leaves only the key “Queendom of Gaia” group to finish the list, one he shares with “soulmate” Doreena over in the next sim. In fact, that’s Doreena’s lone listed group.


His interesting, stand-out hair is an Alli and Ali Designs product.



He has a big sword. That may be important too for theories to come.


This is his t-shirt. I have yet to identify the creature depicted thereon.


Wheeler thinks he may be a mad hatter.



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