Nautilus Waters 02

Wilson goes back to Hipper to take a closer look at the sword that perhaps killed Doreena long ago. It makes her think of the differences between herself and Baker Bloch. Wilson’s decides to call the summit the sunken ship is positioned upon The Hill of Skulls and Bones…


… because there’s not one skull but two there. She doesn’t think the second skull is that of Cerdunk, however. And she’s starting to theorize that Doreena and Cerdunk are not lovers but perhaps siblings, kind of like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker. A lot of possibilities are suddenly manifesting.


The two circles of 4 fish above the ship’s skull and sword — same grey color as the ship and sword — form a rough vesica piscis, with one centered on the sword. The ring next to the skull is also a circle.



The vesica piscis itself is directly associated with fish.



More color coordination between Nautilus sea fauna: pink fish with pink squids.


A “Queen” statue in Dybur almost directly faces the more disrepaired of the two Poseidon statues fronting the Nautilus City harbor about 200 meters to her south. But this is not the only alignment we’ll find in this specific area, and also not the most exact of ’em. More to come!


A row of vases just off the Nautilus City island coast.


Meet Yvonne, another Nautilus ocean ghost for certain like her cousins Doreena and Cerdunk from up north. What water sim is the ghost haunting this time? Well, its *von* Spee — Y*von*ne of *von* Spee. So we’re starting to see a pattern, and it’s leading us to conclude that the names of the ghosts in these 3 sims *can’t* be an accident. They must be named for the sims they haunt/inhabit. Yet why? Why why why? Yvonne’s hair is yet another Alli and Ali Designs product, aligning her with Cerdunk. In appearance and pose she more resembles Doreena — each have no animation override and simple stand in place when manifested, not moving an inch. Cerdunk at least fidgets around in his spot. And he’s an older avatar, first rezzed in mid-2014. Doreena and Yvonne come from Jan and Feb 2015 respectively.

Yvonne’s profile contains absolutely no information beyond the 2015 birthdate. No groups, no picks, no bio, nutt’n.


Tired from his day of fantastic finds, Baker decides to check out rental land in Nautilus City and soon runs across a home owned by his friend Kedar in the raised, central part of the city, called The Citadel. Judging by our correspondence, I assume Kedar is the same as Quito from Jorondip. He’s really done a nice job designing the place, and certainly tows the line of the island’s nautical theme. That tree outside reminds Baker of the Queen, hmm. But no more deep pondering tonight.


In Kolchak, Baker finds two 3 eyed fish, pink and blue, circling around a toxic waste dump. Cute!


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