Nautilus Waters 03

Experimenting with shadows.


Lone red octopus.


Jefferson Airplane? No, it’s a Bücker Jungmann biplane used by the German Luftwaffe during WWII. Now how it got here in the central waters of von Spee and *remains* is the mystery at hand. Because objects are supposed to be derezzed after 15 minutes in this sim. Yet von Spee is somehow under the impression that the 45 prim object is still “sat upon”, thus keeping it from being derezzed and returned to the owner’s Lost and Found folder.


Wilson likes the way the colors of the airplane exactly match those of her armbands. Is this a plane made for Wilson? Or are they suppose to be identified with each other 1:1? Bücker is similar to Baker. Is this Baker Bloch’s plane instead?


Von Spee is turning out to hold many mysteries. There’s a Queen statue buried up to her chest in sand…


… and then there’s that headless King ensconced up to his waist in same. Both are positioned on small hills.


The King almost directly faces the more intact of the two Poseidon statues guarding Nautilus City’s inner harbor. Double faces double. Is this Wilson as well? Wilson and Baker Bloch? This also mirrors the earlier discovered alignment of a Dybur Queen statue with the other Poseidon statue of the harbor. But the King-King alignment here is a bit more exact.



At any rate, Baker Bloch takes over for Wilson for the remainder of this post’s pictures. He discovers a statue of 3 dolphins in Mysehi of the northern waters…




… and another Queen on a hill in same.


This one has no arms.


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