Way Station?

“*Wilson*. Should’ve known. I received this landmark in my inventory tonight and used it to pop over here, and find you.”

“Hi Baker Bloch,” is all Wilson said. She changed positions on her bench from Pout to Puzzled. That way she could stare out into the landscape.

“Why are you me again?”

“Why not.”

“Where are we?”

“Change into Snowmanster,” she requested. “You’re not suppose to be Baker Bloch when you show up.”

“Oh, that may explain it. Hold on.”

“Well that didn’t work,” they said in one voice.


They finally sorted out their roles tonight. Wilson changed into Wheeler, switched places with Baker Bloch on the bench, who remained Snowmanster. Annnnd… Action!


“*Wheeler*, I knew I’d find you up here at this Way Station.”

“Well good. Anything else?” She checked the pink script under her bench. “And it may not be a way station, as defined as, quote unquote, ‘intermediate stopping point’. I might be staying here.”

Snowmanster thought he had his lines memorized better. “It could be a way station as in a station set between principal stations on a line of travel,” he said confidently. “Look around.” He waved his left arm to indicate the area. “Livigno. The up and happening plateau place where it all goes down.”

“Check your script, Snowmanster, if you have one. Because we’re in Ayas. Right on the edge of Livigno where, as you said, it all goes down. But just beyond.”

“Oh.” Snowmanster shuffled his feet. “Must be working from an earlier script. Is this the one where you set up The Table in the Firefly related building over there?” Both look southward.

“Jesus, you’re at least two colors behind,” reprimanded Wheeler, standing up. “Look inside.”

Snowmanster turns around. White Wolf the guard dog tilts his head at him innocently. “Nice mutt.”

“What did you say?” queries Wheeler behind him.

“I said, you have a nice dog.”

“Oh… right. Well go ahead. Look inside.”

To Snowmanster, a door stood between him and the inside of the cabin.

To Wheeler, the door didn’t exist.

“I can’t get the door open,” Snowmanster says back to Wheeler.


“Well, get out of here, then,” she said back. “Be gone. I just received the newest script in my inventory and you’re not even in this scene. Pink has switched with blue. See ya!”


Wheeler sits alone on the Way Station bench, thinking she could stay here for a spell. Table meeting tomorrow night at 7pm! Invitations already sent. This place is where it all goes down.



In his oversize Livigno trailer just to the west, Uncle Jack prepares breakfast for the children. Uncle Jack shows up.

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