Resolution 01

From a frozen pond in Virrat, Baker Bloch admires the vast expanse of Poorvoo’s North Pole. But he doesn’t have time right now to revisit that place. He must get to Woody’s before the toy avatar awakes and spring the surprise.


“Well?” he says while showing Woody the interior view. “What do you think?” He knew he’d be pleased.

“Fantastical,” Woody replies. “But who are you?”

“Oh, sorry. I forgot to change.”

“Snowmanster!” Woody cried. “So you have a secret identity.”

“Not secret,” admitted Baker Bloch/Snowmanster. “Core,” he explained. “That is (more) my real self.”

“What *is* you?”

“My father was a superhero and then a talk show host. My mother was, well… diffcult to explain.” He obviously thought of Wheeler’s recent appearances as Old Grey.

“Well I never,” exclaimed Woody. “Do *I* have a secret identity? A *core*?”

“Maybe,” says Snowmanster. “Why don’t we try to ask the *tree* this morning. I have a hunch they might be free to speak now.”

“Core-Alena?” asks Woody. He stares out the window toward the center of the woods.

“Of course.”

“But a spell was put on them.”

“I think Mid Hazel’s control is breaking down, Woody, thanks to Wheeler. She’s up next to Livigno now. She’s adopted two children who aren’t children at all but soon-to-be lovers. They will look into the room. They will free us.”

“Fantastical,” Woody repeats. “Let’s go see the tree.”

“Bert’s not invited.” Snowmanster and Woody share a laugh with that.


Walking toward Purden Center from Snowmanster’s new home next to Woody’s.

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