More Snowland (etc.) pics

Some older Collagesity related pictures that never made the blog for various reasons.

Wheeler’s New Island pot fetish subplot never manifested in “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”.

Neither did these guys appear.

This particular snapshot of Purden Forest’s Core-Alena with open eyes never made it.

Baker Bloch’s actual discovery of Woody’s “visitors” in Part 6 of C1617W (as I’m abbreviating it), atop these woods.

Direct inspiration for the same visitors, which turned out to be Old Mabel and Buurb/Urch in *blue* dresses (not pink). Yes, the 2 gals below were actual inhabitants of the oversized Livigno trailer our future lovers *pretended* to live in (along with axe wielding Uncle Jack). They were mentioned in C1617W as being killed and buried in their own backyard. The overall reference is obviously to the Grady twins of “The Shining”, in case you missed it.

Another Snowlands black star… somewhere in the south regions.

Lonely sunrise junction.

I thought I’d throw in a map here of the Okemo, Nakiska, and Southern Railway (ONSR) from the Second Life wiki since I haven’t mentioned it before. Mainland enthusiasts: you *must* go ride it.

Baker posing at a protected Snowlands waterfall.

Strange gathering of avatars near Wheeler’s Way Station featured in C1617W.

Inferialist church and mountains.

Hitching a ride on a passing Yava Script Pod, Baker heads down into Chamonix City, another must-see when visiting Sansara’s Snowlands.

Finally: testing out a probable reality.

One can dream, can’t they?

One can dream.

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