There was a tapping at the window. Karoz awoke. “Stars,” he quickly determined, looking over at the wire decoration. “Only stars.” But then his name came in the wind. “Ka-roz.” It chilled him to the bone. He stood up on the bed.

He then saw the person — or being — outside. Under the stars. Near the ground but still floating above it. A conical hat topped being on a cross but also holding a cross, a larger one. Was this the legendary Bigfoot he had heard about stalking the area? The rogue one? He must protect himself if so! But he had no weapons he knew of, no sword, gun, nothing. One of Baker Blinker’s frying pans? Where was Baker Blinker? Karoz sensed she was missing. Downstairs cooking in an eerie, even hideous light… but still missing.

Karoz awoke with a startle, also waking up Baker Blinker in the bed beside him. “Squidmares again?” she half joked while turning toward him.


2 hours later:

“Is she still there Doria? Doria??”

“Oh. No.”


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