LEA11 06

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The Musician finds he’s teleported directly into an hitherto unexplored room tonight. Sweet. He sits in a rocking chair and starts to take it all in. Two pictures of men with their head in the clouds adorn the walls around him. A light bulb with a covering reminiscent of the spinning spheres in rooms previously visited hangs behind the chair. We’re above water now. Nothing is spinning. Head in the clouds. Definition:


This may represent living in a fantasy, as in being unaware of thoughts spinning around your brain. Your head is not present — obscured. Working theory, anyway. Let’s see where it goes.

The windows aren’t square in the room. This one, for example, is more kind of pentagonal in design. The Musician looks out at the rooms he’s already visited, including the one with the largest spinning sphere (top left) and the fear monster (top right). This is a dramatically different place here, however. More Earth-like. More normal. One could rock a lifetime away here, head in the clouds. The Musician must move on.

Hexagonal windows here. Perhaps coffin-like, even. But is it some kind of illusion? Are all the windows, viewed objectively, actually square? The room seems like the stuff of dreams. Paradoxically, the underwater, alien enclosures seem more real in ways.

No… do not rock too long here, Musician. You must roll.

Seeing that this room, all above water, is white like the half water filled room visited in the LEA11 04 post, I decided to take a comparison shot. The half water filled room still seems to gleam whiter. More heavenly, pure.

The “cloud room”, as we’ll call it for now, isn’t tethered or tied to the ground like the other rooms already visited. The tangles of kelp streaming down from it do not reach the sea floor. Yes: cloud-like.

Next (to the immediate east): 3 rooms stacked one on top of the other…

… but first The Musician takes a closer look at a pale figure riding an oversized, spotty pink seahorse, and fronting a large central structure from his angle.

And on the other side of same, a similar figure, but with a slightly different pose and on a pure white seahorse now. The Musician will keep these matching figures in mind when exploring further.

And then just panning around the area before returning his attention to the stacked rooms to the east, he finds this: yet another white figure, and with its face just above the water, turned heavenward.

We have another theme.

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