LEA11 08

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The Musician decides to take a different tact tonight. He will start at southern entrance to his self proclaimed Ear Canyon and explore the south side of the sim as opposed to the north, eventually moving toward the center and a finality. But he’s enjoying himself so much with the exploration of Art Oluja’s LEA11 exhibit. He doesn’t want it to end — wants to draw it out as long as possible. And there’s a lot to see for a single sim indeed. He’s not that close to being done yet.

At the end of the narrow ridge he hikes to access the area, he can view 3 holes stretching out in equidistant manner to the north-northeast Pretty deep ones, about 30 or 35 meters down each.

He jumps in each one to check things out.

First hole.

Red vegetation at the bottom of the two northern ones, which are also larger than the first.

Second hole.

Third hole.

The Musician rests on top of an underwater hillock just east of Third Hole. It was time to take in another room. He heads heavenward again.


What is he looking at? Has he visited those two rooms dead ahead? What of the arch? Did The Artist plan this vantage point out, or is it a random cluster?

He checks the map. He’s facing almost directly west.

Hold on… the lower chair is a map of the brain (!). The upper chair as well. He missed this when entering the room because they were facing the opposite direction from him. Well, this obviously ties in to the theme of “partially submerged head facing upwards” seen in two other rooms already. And notice that the 2 of the 3 wooden pins pricking the map of the head on the higher chair are above water, with the remaining one just below. Up to down, they mark the parts for the brain labelled “hope”, “sublimity”, and “caution.”

Lower chair.

Higher chair.

Now this is interesting: there’s also the same brain diagram adorning the seat of each chair, but in both cases the map *stops* right where we would pick up the parts with the pins from the back cushion of the chair. This was probably done on purpose, don’t you think?

Back to the view from the upper chair: The Musician decides to explore the larger black room ahead of him. He briefly wonders if he can swim in this water when he abandons this idea of locomotion and drops back down to the sea floor. No need in keeping to the surface when there’s so much beneath!

Dusting himself off from the fall, he checks his bearings. He doesn’t think he’s visited either of the 2 rooms, black and white, you can view from the upper chair. Onwards and upwards!

Ooops. He almost falls into one of those deep holes hidden just over the ridge on his way over to the rooms.

He decides to walk around…

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2 responses to “LEA11 08

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  2. veyot

    It’s fascinating to read what one deep thinker thinks about the art of another deep thinker!

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